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holy s**t! 247 cats!!!!

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Did anyone see "Animal Cops" on Animal Planet tonight? The Michigan Humane society was called (I don't know when this took place) to a house where neighbours were complaining about cats and a bad smell. Turns out the guy was a cat collector and had... get this... 247 feral cats in his house!!!!! There was urine and fecal matter everywhere, and the place was SWIMMING with cats!!! It took the MHS 2 days to get all the cats out!!

Holy moley!
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Yeah I have seen that one twice, it is pretty old but it is amazing how someone can think they are helping out a cat by giving it a home when they are really actually slowly killing them!

I was very upset though that they put them all to sleep, I mean really, think about all the perfectly adoptable cats that get adopted just to be put in a barn to chase away mice and such? Ferals would be absolutely perfect for that! I know there were definate problems with some since I am sure with that many there was inbreeding. But I am sure at least SOME could have gotten a home, and that the officer said no feral could adapt to a household!
Oh well, at least they are much better off then where they were. That was sickening to watch, and just think about the cats that they might not have gotten, there were probably over 250! What did they eat? Drink? How can someone live in that?.....And I thought I had to many cats! HAH!

But yet again, those officers are doing such wonderful work, I could never do what they do! We are lucky to have people like them, to bad there aren't more of them! Ok I talked to much...
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It sounds like the same one i saw last year , and they had to really clean house up afterwards, and i mean clean it!.
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Being new to Animal Planet, I didn't realise that it was a rerun... sorry!

chixyb, I know what you mean about being able to "rehabilitate" some of the ferals and put them up for adoption... seems like such a shame to have to put them ALL down.

What really surprised me was that they didn't charge the guy with anything (or maybe I haven't seen that episode yet? ), but they were able to charge the woman who allegedly beat her dog with a burning stick with failure to provide medical care??? Couldn't they have charged the cat guy with failure to provide adequate care or something like that? Mental illness shouldn't be an excuse.
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yeah i seen that once a couple of times
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Those were true ferals, and most of them were diseased. They wouldn't have been able to be even barn cats because of the squalor they lived in the lack of care, the lack of human intervention. The kindest thing would have been to put them all down. Not even the most successful feral rescuer could have saved them. The fact that some lived in the basement with a broken sewage pipe YIKES! Poor cats- none had even had sunshine or fresh air! I saw only 4 litter pans in the whole filming and we won't go into what those looked like!

All it would have taken was a trip to the vet for a spay and a neuter and the man could have had made a wonderful life for him and a few cats. But he had a mental disorder, and they got him psychiatric help, not jail time. My heart bled for those cats, it was so unfair for them to live like that.
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