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I am Christian, and as far as I know, it is thought of as a religion, those who believe Jesus Christ died for them.
I don't want to be religious on here, but I want to tell you that I once was skeptical about the whole thing. I had several things happen to me that others would call miracles, but I was hard headed and wouldn't look at it like that. I called it luck.
Now I know that it was divine intervention, and I thank God everyday that he was patient with me.
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I would like to add that the options of the poll aren't so 'open-minded' to other religions....

I am a former christian who was going to be a nun but studied up on world religion in college and met a muslim sister on campus, a year before I met my husband who is a muslim. I converted to Islam before marrying my husband and have been happy ever since then. So Salams to Jasmine cat and there is another one who is famous for her cute persian furbabies who is also a muslim
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Originally Posted by chixyb
Just a question, what exactly is Wiccan and Pagan? I don't mean to sound stupid, I just really don't know everything behind it, I am very very curious!

I dont know if someone answered you but Ill give it a go

Pagan is a group of religions/faiths that are not Christian Muslim or Jewish , Wiccan is one of those religions/ faiths

Wiccans have whats called Traditions much like Christians have denominations , Generally (because there are always exceptions ) we beleive in the Goddess and The God , depending on your tradition depends on what name you call them. We follow the cycles of nature example at Winter Solstice ( aka Yule) in December we celebrate the return of the light ( as you know on or about the 21st of December daylight starts to grow in lenght)

Ostara is another of our holidays , it is where the bunny you see at easter comes from along with the eggs and baskets they are all pagan fertility symbols, we cleebrate the rebirth of nature on that day.

This is a picture of the Wheel of The Year these are our 8 holidays

I tried to give you an explanation in a nut shell hope it helps
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