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Could you guys help me decide...

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Okay. I am getting a kitten in four weeks. I have 4 choices. There are two black&white kittens, and two brown tabbys with pure white mixed in to them. I can't decide which one I want yet. Could you guys help me to decide? Oh, and could you add some cat names you like? I need a name too! Suggestions, please!
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Oh, how about taking two, Rascal and Mischief.
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Nope, mom won't lemme have two kittens.=[ Cute names though!
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Before you get a kitten, understand that they are a responsibility that it sounds like your parents want you to be aware of. There will be kitty proofing your house so the kitty does not get hurt or injured, litter pans to scoop, know what proper food to feed and have money set aside for vet emergencies, as they always come up. Be prepared to lose sleep as this little one acclimates to your home, and also make sure the kitten does not shred your mom's drapes or curtains. Just go into this with your eyes wide open. I would think an older cat might be better for you, just because they are mellow and you don't have to go through kitty kamikazee school with them. You also want to make sure this kitten does not get outside and that you don't handle it to much right at first.

As far as names go, you can do an internal search in these forums for cat names and there are a dozen threads you'll find with plenty of names to choose from.
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There are some great names in this thread that will get you started.

As for which kitten to get, see if you can concentrate more on their personalities. Do you like a kitten who will be active? Rambunctious? Snuggly? Quiet? Spend a little time holding and observing each kitten and then decide which one suits you and your lifestyle best. I don't find that males and females are consistently different (did I just say that?) in their personalities, especially after they're spayed or neutered.

Good luck and have fun.

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Have you met them yet? When you go to see them you'll probably feel a connection with one of them more than the rest.
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hissy and purr. I have been to hundreds of websites and read books, and tv shows about taking car of kittens. I know very well what I am in for, for i have had 4 kittens all to myself that have lived healthy, and died of old age. I am too protective of kittens, if they are mine or not, so my house it kitten safe! The kitten will not go into my moms room, because she told me she doesnt want much out of it, she doesnt like cats. I have a fare sized room, so I will let the kitten get used to my room and maybe let her stay just in there for about 3 weeks. I will make the house safe, and give it all the love I can. I rather have a kitten than a cat, because I actually take care of them better than adult cats. Thanks for the idea's guys! I'm going to go to the threads that purr have suggested to me, and probably pick a name from there, or names suggested to me by Chris (from merrydancercats website). I will probably pick its name after I have brought it home, adapting to its attitude and personality. Thank you guys, I'm set to have the kitten
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How exciting to be getting ready for a new kitten! I'm sure when you are with the kittens one of them will pick you!

One thing concerns me about your last post though. You mentioned: "I rather have a kitten than a cat, because I actually take care of them better than adult cats." Your kitten will turn into an adult cat one day very soon. I hope you give it the same love and care as you are going to when it is a kitten!

Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your new baby!

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