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I'm new here too!

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Hello everyone..

My name is Ashley and I have one male cat, his name is Tiko.
We are not quite sure how old he is since we bought him from a local shelter. They think around 7 to 10 years old

In October of last year they diagnosed my little sweetie with feline diabetes. Since then it has been quite a hectic time trying to get him regulated.

Right now I don't have a picture of Tiko scanned but as soon as I scan one I'll make sure to post it.

Looking forward to speaking with everyone..
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Hi Ashley -

Welcome! I hope you can get Tiko's diabetes regulated soon. Can't wait to see a picture of him! I know you'll enjoy it here.

Jill and Candy
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WELCOME! How exactly are you regulating Tiko's diabetes?
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful you decided to adopt an adult cat from the shelter! So many times they get overlooked for the cute kittens. And how you are dealing with his diabetes shows what a great kitty Mom you are too. Tiko is a lucky boy to have you as his guardian.
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Welcome to TCS.

Thanks for rescuing Tiko from a shelter and helping him regulate his diabetes.

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Welcome to the site Ashley. Look forward to see little Tiko
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Welcome Ashley and Tiko!
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Welcome to the site!!

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Sierra's Mommy

What I'm trying to say by regulating his diabetes is..
First they started Tiko off with I think 5 units of insulin a day and we have gone on from there. Since the end of December Tiko was on 14 units of insulin a day, when I brought him to the vet about 3 weeks ago they told me to up it to 14.5 units of insulin and when we go back next week they will probably up it to 15 units and I'm going to have test his urine as well. Regulate means to get a constant and so far we haven't been able to find that.

It really gets quite frustrating!!
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WOW! That really does sound incredibly frustrating! What is his blood sugar reading when they test at the vet and HOW will you test his urine? It would have to be quite difficult to hold the stick in his stream of urine, wouldn't it? Wonder if cats are similar to humans in that pain or fear (maybe of the vet) could cause blood sugar elevations..guess these would be valid questions for the health forum. Keep us up to date! Sure hope you get him regulated soon, and I look forward to hearing how well he's doing!
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Hi, everyone my name is eddie,and I have three cats, mawser a white longhaired persian,15yrs, sasha a green/silver tabby,18mth female and the most recent addition jasmine a gorgeous black 6mth old female,they all live with me, and their all the family I need.I aquired mawser 15yrs ago after he had been abandoned in a shoe box, he has the most unusual eye colouring one eye blue, one eye green! I dont have any pictures to show you at the moment, or the facilities. but I will try to sort something out. I look forward to posting on this site
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Welcome Ashley and Tiko! Welcome to you also Eddie, Mawser, Sasha, and Jasmine! Look forward to seeing pictures of your babies
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