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Good bye Katy-cat

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Well we finally had to bite the bullet and put our Katy-cat down on Thursday the 4th of March.

She was very old (16) and had almost died twice as a kitten so she did well to make it as far as she did. The vet said that we did the right thing as if she wasn't suffering she soon would have been. We put her down at home where she belonged and burried her by the side fence which was her favourite spot to sit or sleep in the sun.

She was our outside cat who never left our yard, we will miss her chirps when we called her name, and the headbumps she gave as we sat outside having a cigarette.

She was never the cuddliest thing, but would always purr and come and find us when we were outside. She will be sadly missed, especially by my husband who had known her from a kitten. I only got to spend 6 years enjoying her company but she will always have a special place in my heart.

RIP Little girl, we will miss you...

I am posting a pic of our Katy-cat as I haven't on here before. I have mentioned her in some of my other posts.
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I am so sorry , she was so beautiful .

May Katy-Cat RIP
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Awww, what a beautiful girl she was. I am so sorry for your loss. She has now crossed the bridge with all the others. One day, you will meet again. Please remember, you did the right thing by her. Katy-Cat is now in God's loving arms. May she RIP
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It sounds like Katy-Cat had a great life with you. You did the right thing by not making her be miserable.
She was very beautiful and may she rest in peace.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Katy-cat was such a beautiful girl. You did the best thing for her. Now she's young and healthy and watching over you, and one day you'll all be together again.

Jill and Candy
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What a beautiful girl. I'm so very sorry about your loss. That must have beeen such a difficult decision for you, but now she is in perfect health.
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Thanks so much to all of you for your kind replies - we knew it had to be done and it was the right decision etc etc but that doesn't make it any easier.

To make matters worse, we have a small dog (Bazil) the same age as Katy (about 16ish) who my husband took to the vet yesterday as we found a large lump on his leg on Saturday. It is bad news as the vet is pretty certain that he has cancer...

He is OK at the moment and so we are spoiling him rotten, he got a 1/2 leg of lamb for dinner last night. We are now deciding how we proceed from here - as the vet said that even if it is an operable cancer it might be hard to remove because it is right where his belly joins his back left leg...

Hopefully the worst case scenario is that we will have him for a few more months until it starts to make him unwell, when we would have to do something about it... We are having a rough-trot with our animals. I guess that this is what happens when you have old animals and we should be glad that they both had long, happy lives...

We were really hoping that the little man would go and go and go until one morning we would go out to find him and he wouldn't wake up - but sadly that doesn't look likely anymore...

I guess the saying is true, it never rains, it pours!!
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Wow, you're going through such a difficult time! You're family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Katy-cat. She is a beautiful gal.

May she RIP.

Poor Bazil.

You are in all of our thoughts and prayers.
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So sorry about Katy Cat - she looks a sweetie. You are in my thoughts at this sad time with Bazil.
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So sorry to hear about little Katy-cat. She has such a sweet face. And sending prayers for poor Bazil.
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RIP Katy-cat
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I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with the animals in your life right now. Katy-Cat lived a long and happy life - a tribute to those who cared for her, especially being an outside cat.

I'll keep Bazil and you in my thoughts, and sending up some healthy vibes for Bazil.
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