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Awesome Cat Condo from Feline Furniture Company

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It was a wonderful, wonderful surprise to have won, a couple of months ago, a 3 Story Catty Corner cat condo from the Feline Furniture Company.

We just put this up a week ago, and I am very pleased and impressed. At first, I didn't think my looooongest, heaviest boy (over 15 lbs.) would fit on any of the hammocks or in the cat condo. Not to worry, he shrimps himself around, and his weight is supported just fine.

I've seen two Curls, curl up together on one hammock, and have had as many as 4 Curls on this at the same time...no rocking, no tipping.

They love doing "balance beam" routines on the connecting bars, and adore the jingly pom pom toy that mounts on one corner.

This is a huge, huge hit with my guys, and I look forward to owning more pieces in the future. As they would say on ebay A+++++!

Thank you again for this wonderful piece of cat furniture!
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I am so glad it arrived finally. It really is a superb piece of exercise and sleep equipment. On our two sets you can always find at least one or two cats every day at any given time. I would love to get their tallest tower- maybe someday- I know Sid the Catman has one and it climbs to his ceiling!
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Those units look like soooooo much fun for the cats. I just wish they made one tall, but not so wide. Something that would go up over a filing cabinet or desk or something.
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we look forward to trying new pieces and building new configurations.

Twofatcats - I belive you can write and tell them what you'd like, and they will help guide you on how to build your design from their pieces. Pop them an email and tell them what you'd like!
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That sounds like kitty heaven to me . Any pictures ??? ....hint .....
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Where's the pictures?
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uhm the pictures are still in the digi camera I'll ask dh to check and see if they came out, and to make sure I have at least one of a decent size to post here
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The beauty of these units is you can build them yourselves to be any shape you need to fit, as the pieces are interchangeable-
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Woohoo! That sounds great! My large cats are great climbers, so it would be great to have one in my office over my four-drawer filing cabinet and going up almost to the ceiling. Red Cat is forever trying to get me away from the computer and into the other room, but if he had that in here, I'm sure he'd be much more satisfied. That way he could look down on both me and Purdy, who often lands on my lap while I'm at the computer.
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I almost forgot, they are offering a coupon on our special page:

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Sounds very cool! I'm sure your kitties are enjoying their new part of the house.
Can't wait to see pictures.
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Omg Omg they have www.petsmart.de!!
im so happy
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