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Stevie and Angel fund

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Does anyone have any info about the "Stevie and Angel" fund?? i donated some money a while ago--then kept going back to their web site for an update

and since Nov 2003 there has been no news..i even emailed them and never received a response...was it just a big con game to collect money???? i hate to be skeptical, but i am really beginning to wonder... does anyone know anything about this?????
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Someone came on the site awhile back and posted about it, and the link was removed as it was considered spamming. This is part of the problem with people who sign up and hit the board for donations and are then gone. Sometimes, it is just that, a scam. So we ask all our members to be cautious when someone is soliciting monies. We even mention it in our guidelines:

Solicitations - the needs of rescue workers are great and we recognize this fact. The care of multiple cats, which includes finding suitable homes, good vet care, food, etc is costly. If you wish to bring our attention to the needs of a specific organization you may do so only once, and in the SOS forum only. Other than that, you may use your signature to add a link and a short message regarding the cause you are promoting. From time to time you will see some posts that request donations for a specific cause. It is YOUR responsibility to check these solicitors to the best of your ability. Ask for references and phone numbers, and call around the area to find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. The Catsite.com does not stand behind any solicitation of funds that appears in the forums. Be very careful before you send any money; no matter how effective the plea is, check it out before opening your wallet.

Also I removed the link in your initial post, there is nothing to be gained by having it there.
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