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Sudden Aggression

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I don't quite know what to do. Ferdy, my big black FIV ex-stray boy is getting seriously aggressive towards my timid little blue persian boy. He's actually jumping on him and tearing his fur out. I'm very scared he will puncture the skin and tranfer the FIV.

I love Ferdy to bits and he is the picture of lap-cat-ism with me, but he is nasty to Balie (and to Fifi sometimes). Hubby is threatening to rehome him but that would break my heart . . . and to rehome an FIV cat is no easy thing and I will NOT have him put down.

It's since his op in Dec that he has begun trying to assert himself. I think that he was subdued before as he felt unwell but now he's back to his old self and striving for alpha cat (traditionally Balie's domain).

What does everyone think? Is that the reason? What can I do to curb it? I'm at work all day and the 3 cats are left to their own devices (the au pair is pretty busy looking after Dominik to chase after the cats). The house is plenty big enough for the cats to avoid each other except when eating, drinking and littering, and they usually even sleep on different floors!!!

Do you think the water bottle squirting will work or is the ingrained desire for cat superiority always going to win?
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I would be concerned that the sudden aggression is in response to pain or a health issue. When was the last time Ferdy was at the vet for a check-up since his operation?
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He went about a month ago. His ear has healed up just fine. He is even scratching it on occasions and whereas this used to make him squeal badly before, now it doesn't at all.

Thing is, he's only agressive in the evenings. I was at home during the weekend and the cats just slept lazily - even in the same room. It's just in the evenings that he seems to get very angry.
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Since he only becomes aggressive in the evening, look carefully at what is going on around him before he becomes agitated. It could be that there are stray cats who come by outside each evening and that these intruders are driving him crazy. Or, it could be the sound of the TV (if it is not usually on during the day) bothers him, or perhaps it is the dishwasher or something else that makes sounds he is sensitive to. So, put on your detective cap and start exploring his environment to find out what the trigger is. If all it was is a need for dominance, he would be aggressive all day. Since it happens only in the evening, there must be something triggering the behavior!

Good luck!
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