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Thinking of getting another cat

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Hi All. Good to be back and I need your help please. Let me give you the basics briefly. I have/had two cats both altered feral indoor/outdoor males. One is Kiki and the other is Billy. As of last week Kiki has not come home and even though he has done this in the past it's never been for more than 3 nights. The problem is Billy and Kiki have never liked each other. Both of these "boys" are probably 3 years of age with Billy being the bully. In fact I'm not too sure Billy hasn't either run Kiki off or even worse "done him in". Just kidding of course. I'm just sick and really don't want to think the worst but we are in a rural area with all sorts of critters around so I guess it's possible something has happened to him preventing him from returning.

I understand the argument for keeping cats entirely indoors, but with these guys that would have been almost impossible without changing their worlds completely. They both came to me after being feral for probably 2 years. I just couldn't see locking them inside after that many years of being "free". Now it looks like I may be paying the price for this with the disappearance of Kiki.

My question is if Kiki doesn't return, and it looks like with each passing day this is the case, and I get another baby-- should I #1 get a girl and #2 most important could you tell me the best way to introduce her to Billy and lastly should I get a kitten vs. an older cat. Does the age make any difference being accepted by a territorial male.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.

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Hi Mupcat,

As I have both indoor/outdoor ferals I can understand how you feel and what you are facing. I would wait though and not get another cat right off. It is very possible that even though he is neutered Kiki has gotten caught up in the mating season time of year and is off chasing scents and will return. There is an article online about how to find lost cats:

Lost Cat?

But again, I would give it more time, because what is going to happen if you bring in another cat and suddenly Kiki appears? It is going to already be a major adjustment for Billy to get used to KiKi coming home, not to mention a third cat would really upset things.
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Oh Hissy thanks so much for your reply. From your mouth to God's ear I hope that's the case. I did look at the "Lost cat" but sort of assumed it was for cats that were raised and kept indoors and then escaped somehow. Kiki is used to being outside as is Billy.

Never thought about the mating issue since I guess I labored under the false assumption that once fixed that desire went away. Learned something new! Thanks!

OK, I'll give it, what a month perhaps?? It's not that I'm chomping at the bit to replace him since Billy keeps us occupied, but he's really my husband's cat and just not that affectionate to either one of us.

I'll come back after I've given him ample time to return and get some input on the best way to introduce "Bully Billy" to whoever I get.

Thanks again Hissy,
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I hope that is the case as well. Time will tell. I had one cat go missing for over a year. I got a phone call one day from a farmer on the back road who had a sick cat and wanted me to come over and "have a look." Imagine my surprise, when I got there, to find my Funny Face in his arms, renamed to Panda and having a wonderful life! So good endings are possible. Panda had a bad case of tape worms was all that was wrong with her. It was just such a joy to see her again, and she came right to me.
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Oh isn't that amazing! Did Funny Face come home with you or was she now the farmer's cat? How comforting it must have been to find out she was doing well.....well minus the worms, of course.

Nothing would make me happier than to hear that Kiki had a new more peaceful life and was OK. I just worry about him getting food and keeping warm. Poor thing was always looking over his shoulder to see if Billy was around. Spent half his life under my bed and the other half outside. It was so strange cause both cats got along well with the other cats in the area but just not with each other. Think Kiki would have been friends, but Billy just won't have anything to do with it. Funny, but I just got an order of Felway (?) but didn't have a chance to use it.

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Funny Face now belongs to Ben and is a solo cat and living well inside and out. I would make sure you put food and shelter outside for Kiki so when he does come home he will be able to eat and feel secure. I will think only good thoughts your way.
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Thanks Hissy I'll do that, but since he knows where his "window" is, he can always get in. Appreciate the good thoughts also. Glad your situation had a very happy ending.......perhaps ours will also.
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Hey Hissy---Guess what---Early this morning around 4:30 I was awaken by a heavy thump on the bed. I looked up and lo and behold the prodigal son had returned looking absolutely none the worse for wear. I mean this is very strange. He didn't look like he'd missed any meals, his coat was still black and shinny, I felt no scratches, saw no blood, found no ticks etc. He greeted me with some purrs then jumped down off the bed, went over and ate a little bit, jumped back up on the bed went over to his pillow, lay down, scrunched over and snuggled a bit with me then promptly feel asleep UNTIL you know who discovered he was back and then it was a hissy-fit ending with "Billy the Bully" finally leaving. Kiki must have stayed for about 1/2 hour and then it was out the window again. We'll see what happens tonight, but for now all's well in the Mupcat household. Just thought you'd like to know and thanks again for "holding my hand" through this.

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Sounds like he got some street smarts and can now handle the bully just fine. Glad he came home!
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