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I need some help..

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Hi all,

It seems when I re-designed the layout for sandkats, I seemed to have forgotten about our WEBTV customers. As the site uses both tables and Javascript, Im not really sure which would cause problems. Due partly because of the different versions of the WEBTV Codec.
SO, if there is anyone here that uses WEBTV, would you please be so kind as to go to Sandkats.com, enter the site and tell me what happens, including any error messages you get. As I don't know anyone who uses WEBTV, and don't have access to one, this is the only way I have to find out.

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I think TLK uses webtv, but I'm not sure. You could try sending her a pm.
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3LK is on webtv. Give her a shout, Ken.
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Hello Ken,
I read your post. I have webtv. I entered the site. Just a page and at the bottom it read: Building Menu.
Couldn't go any further....

I had to use the "Back" key to leave site.

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Ken, www.anybrowser.com has a webtv tool where you can check cross-browser compatibility.

Hope this helps,
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AWESOME!! Thanks!

Looks like it's the Javascript that does it....

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I should have replied sooner. Yes, it is the javascript that is the problem. I have run up against this at other sites with java. I got the same thing RedheadHon spoke about when I tried to visit Sandkats. Will you be alterig it so we can go to your site? (I hope)
I want to see pics of the new kittens. . .. . . .
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Hey Ken, I can't help you with the WebTV thing but I do know that you need other help. Only kidding. Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks. Better study your colors.

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Hmmmm well, I think because WebTV has so many different versions of their little boxes, that run a couple different versions of basic java, that it might be easier to do a basic browser check at the openning page. That way if you get the via WebTV, then it will port you to another page without the script menu system. That would be the easiest fix for now. I'm almost sure is can be done..heheheh

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