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Need some help with my Mama Cat and her Kittens

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Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have been on this site. I have been pretty busy. My cat had her kittens about 31/2-4 weeks ago. Everyone seems to be doing fine. The male kitten is larger then the female. I have kept a careful watch to make sure that they are both nursing equally. The male is more active and he is even start to rough house on the sister. She does not seem to care. The female is walking around, but not as much as the brother. This morning something very weird happened. While I was sleeping I heard alot of crying and wimpering from the kittens and the mom. I did not make a big deal about it because they sometimes do that. When I woke up I noticed that my mama cat took the female out of the box. I do not know why. She had her in the corner of the closet. Almost as if she was trying to protect her from something. I called the vet and they said that they did not know why should we do this. I put the mama cat out of the room and put the female back in the box with the brother. The brother immediately charged at her and started rough housing again. I let the mama cat back in the room and she jumped in the box. She saw them playing but it seems as if she did not like what the brother was doing to the sister. Do you think this is why she took the sister out of the box? To protect her? Do you think my mama cat thinks the brother is being too rough witht the sister? I am so confused and I do not know if I should be worried about this. Also, how do know when the are weened from the mama? I have so many quesitons. Someone PLEASE help!!!!!
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Have you taken the family to the vet for a check-up. As I read your post, I see two scenarios- one is the brother is the alpha kitty and asserting his dominance right away. But the mom cat would not remove the female kitten- she would then assert the fact that she is alpha. It could be the female is sickly and the mom senses this as well as the brother. In the wild, if this were occurring, the mom cat would take the female away from the litter and leave it somewhere for predators, she would do that for the survival sake of the family that was healthy. If I were you, I would take the whole family into the vet to be checked just to be safe. I would also talk to your vet about supplimenting the female with bottle feedings of KMR as well as having her nurse on the mom.
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As hissy stated, I would take mom and kittens to the vet to make sure everyone is ok. The supplimental bottle feeding is also a good idea. When my Pixie Bob, Aurora, had her kittens, she would move them to different locations about every 3 days. The mom could have been moving the female kitten to a new location, but I would still have them check to make sure they are ok.
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Hi Marjorie,

There could be a number of things going on here. I just don't have enough information to speculate. I believe a trip to the vet is in order here for a couple of reasons: to get the little girl checked out and to get mom spayed.

I know vet care is not inexpensive. If this is a problem, why don't you contact some area rescue groups and see if they can either take the trio or allow you to take them to their vet? Also, you might be able to adopt them out through the group. I suspect if the little girl doesn't see a vet, you could lose her. I hope I'm wrong.

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Hi Dusty. Thanks for your reply. I spoke to the vet and she said to give the kitty KMR. I went out lastnight to the pet store and picked some up along with a bottle. I am having a hard time feeding her. Does anybody have any advice on feeding kittens. She just "will not" take the bottle. This morning I saw her nursing. I was really relieved. I still plan on giving the supplement. I just have trouble feeding her.
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The bottles do not come with holes in the nipples, you have to pierce the hole with hot needle (that's the best way) and then make sure the formula will come through the hole. Sometimes it just won't and you have to pierce it several times. You don't want it gushing out, but you also don't want it just to drip.

How are you trying to feed her? If you are laying her on her back in your arms, you need to keep her so that she has normal postition (on her belly) when she nurses. Do you have a recliner chair? If so, put it in a reclining position and take a towel, lay it on your chest and place her on her belly on the towel. Then offer her the bottle. Once you feed her, give her right back to mom and if mom does not stimulate her rump by licking her then you will need to stimulate this little girl with a warm wet rag gently on her bum and tummy so she will potty and poop.

Plugging Dusty's book here, but it really sounds like you could use it. Kittens for Dummies by Dusty Rainbolt. And no, I do not think you are a dummy. I have the book and I have been rescuing kittens for a very long time. This book is full of such good advice that you could use right now. Also please read our forum Bottle Babies- link here:

Bottle Babies
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