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Do you sing to your babies?

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It might just be me doing this mad thing, so if you havent done it, try it because it makes me laugh!.

If a record comes on the radio and Rosie is in the same room as me, i'll start singing it to her!. And you know those sleepy eye movements they make at you?. I love it.

The thing is i'd love to know what she's thinking?. Its either ' Mum you sound great ' or ' Uuuuuuuuuuugh here we go again!'

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Oh, I sing to my furbabies all the time! But I never sing to what's on the radio, I sing them a lullabye or make up my own lyrics. "Rock-a-bye Purdy, in the treetop..." or here is just one verse of about a 13-verse song I made up for the late Guard Cat. It is sung to the tune of "Mockingbird Hill," if there is anyone else around here old enough to remember that song.

Oh, he growls at the deer and he spits at the vet
He attacked a raccoon, now that's one crazy pet
He chased a small dog and scared her, you see
That cat has a most unique personality!

I had all the verses on my old computer, but lost it when my hard drive died. Some day I'll try to remember most of it and put it in Paws and Reflect.

And yes, in spite of what the song says about Guard Cat's personality, he was a big lap kitty with me. But he was a one-person cat, as my two now are.

I always sing to my cats on the way to the vet, as I think that may help calm them. I always sing some of the songs I most frequently sing to them while they are cuddling in my lap, hoping to take the edge off that nasty trip in the carrier.
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All the time. Usually nonsense songs or songs with 'Jeepers' in (Jeepers Creepers). I don't think she's all that impressed.
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I sing to Cupid a lot, and I think he'd rather me not. I think he kinda likes Christina A's song "Beautiful" though b/c he doesn't look at me like I'm nuts when I sing that to him.
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When I was first socializing my boys, I sang to them...just a made up ditty.

Here's Mommy with Pipsqueek and Frantic in the kitchen,
Pipsqueek's (fill in the blank) and Frantic is (fill in the blank)
And Mommy's washing dishes.

They'd just sit there and look at me with these unbelieving looks. I still sing it them every once in a while. I change the locale to the vets and sing to them while we wait or in the car to try to quiet them.

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My two run away when i sing at them!
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Peedoodle snuggles up to me when I sing. No idea why - maybe he is trying to get me to shut up.
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I love singing to Ivo! I even made up a song:

You toe pretty
You my kitty
And I lub you
'Cuz you my Ivo

Also, I sing this to her (a little morbid, but it's the right range for my voice):

If my true love she were gone
I would surely find another
Where wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather
Will you go, lassie, go?
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Nope, no singing here. That would be one of the cruelest things I could do to them! The poor little guys would run and hide and I'm sure they wouldn't come out again until I promised to never sing again.... I'm an awful singer!
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Not so much singing, but I do dance with them. Twig Loves it! I pick him up and we dance around the house.(slow songs only though) Rocket isn't to impressed with either and the girls would rather hear me sing to them then deal with me picking them up and rocking them through the house like a goofball! I love to dance with Tiwg, he will press his nose against mine when I am done, sort of like a kiss to say, thanks for the dance mom! then I put him down, he rubs my legs and trots off!
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I sing to my bears all the time. I sing to Jasmine:

Ometer, barometer, ometer barometer bear.

Her nickname is ometer which is short for chunkometer, but lately its been ommie or omlette.

I know, I am gone
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i sing to meow meow and boy boy all the time... when i'm in the mood, i'll just pick up one of them and hold them in my arms and pretend that i'm dancing with them... of course, they obviously have the weird look on their face..
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LOL i do that as well!!!
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yes I do..our favorites are 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'You are my Sunshine', the latter because my father used to sing that song to me.

I happen to be quite an opera fan, and when I warble along with one of those CDs, the cats are no where to be found lol. They seem to like the other songs though.

I like to dance with a few of them. Razpy has his own song which mostly just says ' Razpy, Razpy Roo, we're gonna do the Razpy Roo' to the tune of Macho Man by the Village People.
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None of mine really ike to be picked up so I cant dance with them unfortunately
But i do sing to my fat katy
Katy Kitten
Cat of the Wild Frontier

As she is a complete fire cat and 9 kilos to boot she does give me a very odd look.
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I have many self-authored songs that only a pet could love, well, at least not mock me for!! All together now:

He's as big as a bag of sugar, and he's twice as sweet! (that was the song I sung to my malnourished meezer when he hit 5 lbs., now at 12 lbs. (and no longer malnourished) my fiance likes to sing, "He's as big a sack of potatoes and he's twice as lumpy...")
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who makes up songs for the cats

I like to dance with a few of them. Razpy has his own song which mostly just says ' Razpy, Razpy Roo, we're gonna do the Razpy Roo' to the tune of Macho Man by the Village People
That made me smile SO much!!
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Good question! Actually I talk more than sing to my cats since I can't carry a tune and I don't want people to hear me sing.
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Yup, I sing to Kolohe and Koa all the time. Sometimes they give me this look like, "Mom... you're crazy!". It's because I might dance around too . Other times they'll fall right to sleep. I'll even pick either one up and hold one of their paws to make like we're dancing, and sing at the same time. Haha! Okay, call me crazy.... but I love them way too much.
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Of course! Fred loves it when I hold him and sing to him. The three girls will sit and listen. I can't quite tell if they like it or not.
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I just made up this song: (To the tune of Miss Lucy had a steamboat)

I have a little kitty
Her name is Lily Grace
She has a cute tail
And the cutest little face!

I also substitute "kitty" for words of songs that are in my head at the time.
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You remember that children's song, "Where is Thumpkin," where you hide and show your thumbs? Well, I hadn't played this game with Red Cat, with him hiding under a sheet thrown over some boxes and me poking at him with a toy in a long time until last night. But the game always goes with me singing to the tune of "Where is Thumpkin":

Where is Red Cat? Where is Red Cat?
There he is! There he is!
Such a pretty kitty
Best cat in the city
There he is! There he is!

And of course, with every "there he is," I gently poke him with the toy and he tries to grab it through the sheet. What fun we have playing with our babies - even when the baby is eight years old and 14 pounds.
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