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Dear Cat LLOvers,
This is my first post on this forum. I am hoping for some advice.
We adopted two cats almost 14 years ago. Pumpkin was 6 weeks old.. grew up to be a hefty 20 pound orange lap kitty. Pumpkin crossed the rainbow bridge last April21st due to Liver Cancer. We also adopted Shadow who 6 months old. Shadow is a CALICO.. need I say more?

SHadow is now almost 14. Sh eis a sweet girl. Peculiar but sweet. You cannot pick her up. We just love her on her terms. After Pumpkin died she came out of her shell. She would come in my study and lay by the heater and would sleep in our bed by my pillow.

In Jan we adopted a sweet male cat named Clayton. The SPCA had named him and it was love at first site. SInce that was my GRandmother's Maiden Name, I knew he was supposed to come home with us. He is 6 years old and had been in an abusive home as Shadow had been. We did what had been suggested and kept Shadow and Clayton separated for several weeks.. bringing one out and letting the other one explore and vice versa. ABout 4 weeks ago we let them out up close and personal. Shadow let it be known she was NOT Happy happy. She hissed and growled and chased Clayton. Since then every timne she sees him she repeats this. Last week we noticed a change and Clayton chased HER. SInce then she hides, and has now retreaed back into her shell. She stays in the guest powder room. I had to buy anothe rlitter box because she wouldn't go downstairs. She stays in there all the time OR hides behid a sofa or my husband's desk. What do we do?
I asked our vet and she said that hey will have to work it out or not. I love them both so very much and this is tearing me apart. To see her retreat back into herself is so sad. What do I do? they are both so sweet, I am frustrated.

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Have you thought of trying the flower essences? littlebigcat.com has many of them and I use them for behavior things and they help.
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You might want to separate your cats again and try reintroducing them using the methods mentioned in this article http://www.thecatsite.com/cat_behavi...oducing%20Cats

P.S. The article was written by one of the most knowledgeable members on the forums, the name she goes by here is Hissy.
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Thank you so much for your replies.
I bought Back Flower RESCUE REMEDY and put three drops in Shadow's water... doesn't seem to b ehelping... I htink I am going to start using it!
Momma Cat
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try putting it in his food, not just the water.
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Hi Marge,
I tried that too... she could smell it and she turned her nose up at it...maybe if I put it on her wet food....she is such a sweetheart.. but you know how Calicos are.... I am getting gray hair from her.
Thanks for your help and support.
Momma Cat
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