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Sweet Moment...and some musing

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Cindy loves our bed. It's one of her favourite sleeping places, even when we're not around. But she also spends a good part of every night on it with us. If there's a human between the sheets, her preference is to lodge herself between the legs; if there's more than one human, any two legs will do.

This gets a little complicated the following morning, when the humans are having a lazy lie-in, and assuming positions which entwine the various limbs. But when she appears, obviously looking for a valley to snuggle down into, the humans tend to move the mountains to accommodate her. Such was the case this morning.

So there she is, snuggled down into the valley. I can see her head -- just. Rob can't see her at all. I reach out to tame the covers enough to see her better, and as I do, she reaches out a soft paw to touch my hand. Just a sweet little moment, that response.

I told Rob what she had done, and then I thought about having told him, and about the fact that I would likely post here with the sweet moment... and I began to wonder if they have similar conversations amongst themselves, when we respond or understand in gratifying ways that they hadn't expected. "Hey, you know what the human did a moment ago?.... I couldn't believe it...not as dumb as some cats say they are."
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That is so sweet! Every now and again Tarka reaches out when we are all falling asleep to pat us on our cheeks. Just a kind of "Good night, I love you!" pat.
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When my husband was alive, Red Cat would never allow him to pet him during the day. Basically, he seemed to see my husband as just the doorman to let him in and outside. Red Cat would typically sleep by my feet. But occasionally in the morning Red Cat would walk across the bed to my husband's side and allow him to stroke his back ONE time. Never any more. It just seemed to be his way of saying "Good morning." But my husband loved it.
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