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Keeping adult cat from kitten food?

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We are bringing home a kitten next weekend, we are so excited!! Well, my question is do we need to keep Solaman our adult cat from the kitten food and the kitten, Jack, from the adult food? Solaman isn't really overweight so we'd like to keep it that way but I'm sure he will be if he gets his paws on that kitten food! We usually free feed dry and give wet as a treat once and a while. Will that be okay for a kitten too? I'm sure there will be an adjustment period going from one cat to two, we want to make it as smooth as possible.
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Thanks for all the helpful advice!! (sarcasm)
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I just saw this posting. Sorry, usually lots of advice is given!

The only suggestion I can give is putting the kitten food into a box with a hole cut just large enough for the kitten to fit in. That will keep the older cat from getting to the kitten food. I haven't introduced kittens to adults. Sorry.

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The box idea is a great idea..

Saki is almost 9 months now and I've decided to start feeding them both the same food. It's seriously a big hassle to feed them seperate.. plus Saki isnt all that into wet food anyway and they both eat Innova dry which is ok for all life stages.

Anyway, I used to feed them their wet food seperate, Saki in the bathroom and Zoey in the kitchen, at the same time. That worked pretty good except both cats like to save some for later.. and by the time later comes around, Zoey has eaten the rest of Saki's food lol.
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Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to try the box idea that way the kitten can have dry food out all the time. Physically seperating for the wet food also sounds like it will work. I just want the kitten to get the nutrition it needs while keeping Solaman trim. A friend said the kitten will encourage Solaman to be more active so a little kitten food shouldn't hurt him. I can see that but I'm just worried about him making it his main meal, if you know what I mean. Just a few more days till Jack the kitten comes home.....
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When you do bring Jack home, take LOTS of pictures. I have alot of pictures in my mind of my boys when they were kittens, but I never took the pictures. Now I regret it. I remember a really cute shot of them cuddling in the middle of the night. Wish I had gotten it!

And share those pictures! Kittens are adorable!
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