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eating habits

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i have noticed that my cats hve been eating everything that falls on the floor, like ceral, and their own droppings. sense tells me that its not real healthy, what can i do to stop them??
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Cats have certain nutritional requirements that must be met. If your cats have been eating whatever they find on the floor they might not be getting the right nutients. And eating their own droppings does indicate a deficiency in their diet. Please take your cats to the vet for an evaluation and be sure to mention their eating habits. Keeping the floor really clean will do a lot to prevemt this type of problem from occuring.
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Sometimes this is a result of a nutritional need, other times it is a habit because people will feed cats on the floor and not in dishes, thus making the cat conditioned to checking the floor for tasty things. I would keep your litterboxes scooped if you indeed have waste lying on the floor and also keep your floors swept and rugs vacuumed. My concern would be a blockage occurring if the cat found something like thread, or dental floss and decided to eat it. But a good quality food program will help as will a vet visit to be sure the cat is indeed healthy.
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