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So I don't know if anyone remembers me posting months ago about Gus having Lymphoma but we have been doing chemotherapy with excellent results. I finally had the courage to ask how many more chemo's we have, it's been about 7 months now and as it turns out, chemo can be a 2 year commitment for animals. We go for 52 weeks and then after that it is my choice, I can stop all together or continue for a second year with once a month treatments. What would you all do? I am terrified that if we stop, that the cancer will come back but at the same time it's about $200/visit, my bank account is draining and my boss is getting less sympathetic about all the time I have to take off. On the other hand, he is my child and I only want the best for him. Chemo has been pretty good, minimum side effects and it's given him 5 years back on his life, he acts like a kitten again.
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I am thrilled to hear that it's working!!! If it were one of my guys, I think I would go for the full treatment assuming that all is going well at that point
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i would stop it and then see what happens, if it comes back, start it up again. thats what i would do
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I agree with Sandie. Iam so glad to hear that thigs are going better for little Gus. Hope evrything continues to get better.
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