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We went to another cat show today and they had a booth set up called Oxyfresh, they sell liquid that you pet in your pets water and it cleans their teeth %60. They also have toothgel and toothbrushes for pets, shampoo, deodorizer and a bunch of other stuff, they also sell people stuff. Has anyone heard of this and does it work? They are very nicely priced amazingly enough, here is the website: http://www.oxyfreshww.com/pet/default.asp . I really hope it works! If we hear good stuff, or don't hear anything bad then we will buy some at the dog show in April.
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I don't believe that Oxyfresh will actually "clean" their teeth, but just freshen their breath and help with odor. I could be wrong. If your cat won't tolerate actual tooth brushing, then the vet I work for uses c.e.t chews. The chews have the same enzyme in them as the pet toothpaste. You should be able to get them from your vet if they sell it. 2 out of 4 of my cats like it. They use Oxyfresh at my vet also to clean the rooms after anal sac expression etc. It is very good at odor control.

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i have never heard of this oxyfresh, but it does sound like it works, i would give it a go.
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It is like a liquid that you pour a teaspoon into a quart of water, they can't taste it because it is so diluted. They also have the gel to brush the teeth with and an awesome tooth brush that has the brush one 3 sides! The woman even put the pet toothgel on her teeth to show how and do it! We will try it out in April and tell everyone how it goes!
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I tried the liquid you put in the water about a year ago. It didn't seem to make a difference, so I still think brushing is the only way to guarantee clean teeth.
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I have a hard time cleaning my cat's teeth, as I'm sure most pet owners do. My vet told me that even if you can only get a few strokes in, it's okay because the enzymes from the toothpaste will do the job. But I do want to check out those c.e.t. chews that
kris 1114 suggested. I heard about them but couldn't remember the name. Thanks for the info!!!

Chixyb - I haven't really looked at the smilies, but the one you used brushing it's teeth is so funny.

Jill and Candy
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Good luck to anyone who can brush their cat's teeth. I have tried to NO avail. I tried stuff in their water and noticed no difference and I do use the C.E.T. chews which I get at the vets or online. Only 2 of my 4 life those chews, however but that's good enough for them. I have toothpaste and brushes for my cats and when I feel like a fight, I try to brush but the cats win every time.
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