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I can't figure out what she wants!!

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Lately, Buffy has been meowing her "in heat" meow, that "warbling" sound. Someone said that when a cat meows like that when she's in heat, it's because she's uncomfortable. Buffy did recently eat some dental floss, but passed it (that topic is in the Health forum, under "Buffy barfed twice and has diarrhea!"). She's eating fine without barfing, and is going pee fine. I'm thinking she's pooping well too, as there seems to be too much poo for one cat (we have two, so that means both have pooped). But she goes up to a window now, warbling on her way there, and when she gets up there, she meows in a questionable way "Trees? Birds?" and then looks at me. I say "What?" and she meows her meek little meow again, staring at me. When she was in my room, she was on the window, and then balanced herself on the window as she walked towards me. When she reached the end, she looked at me, did her "mew" meow, and looked at her and said "what?" and she suddenly jumped right on me like "She listened! Yay!"

I took her outside today, to see if that helps her restlessness (is that such a word?). I brought Willow out too, because Buffy wasn't used to being on a rope again (she and Willow don't have leashes, so we have to use some thick string, kind of like miniature ropes). They did fine, but then Shadow, my friend's cat (who was also the mom of one of my previous cats) came over. Willow wanted back inside, so I let her, and then i went after Buffy. She was trying to hide from me behind the neighbour's bushes, so I couldn't reach her. Shadow came closer, but seemed scared. I tried to walk towards her, hand outstretched, palm upwards, but she ran back to her house, 2 doors away. I turned around and walked back onto our lawn, and she came back. She went onto the neighbour's steps, and seemed to be looking down at Buffy from her high perch. I didn't see what happened, but she suddenly turned tail and ran back to her house. I checked, and Buffy wasn't on the steps, so she didn't jump up and scare her. It seemed like both cats were interested in each other, like they knew each other, but still uneasy. I brought Buffy back inside (after a screaming fit from her), but she's still restless. She jumps up onto the window, meows, and jumps down. She walks around the house doing that warbling sound.

So, there you go. A couple of long stories that probably don't have anything to do with why she's acting the way she is, but you never know. But Buffy has got me scratching my head, and i can't figure out what she's asking of me when she mews at me, staring straight in my eyes. Could it be that she's lonely? She has Willow, but Willow has recently decided that she's not interested in "tag" or "wrestling" so Buffy doesn't really have anyone to wrestle with. She loves people, though, and hates to be away from us. She's got me soooooo confused...
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i have two ideas...one is that yes buffy has been lonely since willow has decided to grow up...this happened with my boyfriends cats the older female started to become anti social, so the younger male just started bringing friends home.
The other idea i had was that maybe there is some sort of animal nest near by..i.e.raccoons, birds, squirrls..ect.. My friends cat started acting bizzare needing to go out and meowing like crazy...it ended up being that a nest of squirrls were left motherless, and she felt it was her duty to take the mothers place....It is so strange to see a cat carry a baby squirrl around like it is a kitten.
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When my Willow went into heat the first few times this is how she acted. She it was as if she was asking me for help with her new problem. She would pace in front of our patio door and then look at me and just meow and then look at me as to say help me. she did this for the first 3 times she went into heat. after that she was fine. But she is now spayed. So no more worries about that! I think the whole wanting to go outside thing is because she knows she needs a male cat. She's trying to find one. As for the Neighbors cat goes. Chances are she can smell that Buffy is in heat and from your thread you said that the neighbors cat was a mom cat. She's probably just curious about the new cat in the area. And wanted to explore but be cautious at the same time.

I may be wrong but it's a thought!! I think your best bet would be to get her spayed and soon!!! She is very likly to try and escape just to get her new funny feeling taken care of!! and none of us want that
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the odd thing is, Buffy is spayed lol. Maybe there is a nest of some sort nearby, most likely near that bush/tree that Buffy was hovering under when Shadow came over. But Willow should be acting the same way too, seeing as how she's the territorial one... But you never know... And maybe she is lonely (Willow is such a party-pooper, lol). I don't think my parents are open to the idea of another cat, so I guess I should just spend more time with her, play with her as often as I can, and we'll see if that helps. Thanks for the replies!
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Simba and Lily do this occasionally. They get their "tails in a bunch" and make weird noises. Sometimes they tear up and down the hallway too. Simba has a girlfriend blanket that he has his way with as well. Sometimes they are just lonely and want to be picked up or they see an animal outside or a bug in the house.

Jasmine does nothing, she sleeps all day and all night. She gets up to eat, drink and use the little box. She is the queen of all that encompasses relaxation. What a life.
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My cat acts weird sometimes, I can't figure it out either. He will just suddenly want out SO badly. And keep meowing etc like there's a fire or something! I think he just wants what he wants when he wants it. And doesn't even know himself. I do let him out actually sometimes, it was a tough decision cause I know it's risky safety wise, but he lived outside for months so is used to it. And I felt he needed to be out to live a happy life in HIS case. The thing is I don't want to let him out JUST whenever he wants. I want him to know it's my decision so I ignore him sometimes. He always gives up after a bit if I don't open the door.

Anyways, cats are mysterious.
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I'm starting to think that she's just restless to get outside. The snow is melting and the birds are starting to come out and chirp in the mornings, so they ache to get outside and be all the cat that they can be. I let both go out today (with little leashes, of course, made of rope-like string). Buffy immediately ran to the grass and started doing her horse-thing again, eating and walking as she goes. Willow stayed by the steps and let all the memories come back ("Is this bush safe?... I remember it... Its safe... What about this tree? No! I got stuck up this tree! What about this plant over here?..."). But Buffy started to get a little ahead of herself, as she was going under parked cars and then running to the neighbours yard. After a bit of a chase, I managed to grab her leash when she stopped to sit under the tree/bush in the neighbour's yard (the one I mentioned in the original post, when Shadow came over). I checked it too, and I didn't see any animals or anything. I brought Buffy inside, though she fought me because she wanted to stay inside. During this, Willow suddenly went missing and I spent an hour searching for her. Finally, I found her up in one of the pine trees. For Willow, this is a great thing, because she's climbed a total of 3 trees in her lifetime, and she must have gone up this one within 10 minutes of being outside). Unfortunately, I saw that her leash was starting to wrap around a branch, so I had to get the ladder and cut the leash before she slipped and hanged herself. Then I just left her alone and let her get down by herself. Eventually she came down, and joined Buffy inside.

So, it'll be another week or so before I feel they can go back outside, lol!
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