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Need good Vibes

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I’ve written before about our colonies. We have 14 indoor cats, several of which were once feral or free roamers and are up for adoption and several, which are our family pets. We have an outdoor colony as well. This post is for Lilly who has been missing for a few days. Lilly was born in our back yard and has always lived here with us. We have been trying for several weeks to catch her and her littermates to get them into the vet for TNR. The other night we had a situation with a couple of cat killing dogs that have recently shown up in our neighborhood. On Wednesday they made a trip to our fenced in yard and scared the heck out of our colony. One of the cats Mr. Poe-Poe who often come in the house defended the other cats and paid the price with a loss of a huge hunk of hair. (No serious injuries other than pride says the vet) But our sweet Lilly has been gone since then. We saw her run off into the brush behind our yard but she has not been seen since. L She was just starting to trust us and let us pet her a little. I stress, a very little but still every step counts. I am distraught about losing her. It is hard not knowing what has happened to her. We have had cats from our colony disappear for weeks and return, but to our knowledge she has never even left our yard. I know I should not grow so attached but it is hard, so I am asking for some come home safe vibes for Lilly. As if that weren’t enough the entire colony indoors (14 cats) has come down with a virus, so I could use some get healthy soon vibes as well. This sweet girl in the picture is LIlly when she was palying with our indoors through an exterior door. Isn't she adorable?!
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I'm so very sorry for what you and all your cats are going through. And you can't help but get attached to them and think of them as your own, you're obviously a very kind and caring person.

We're sending come home safe vibes for Lilly and get better vibes for your indoor ones. Just to be on the safe side we'll pray for them all too.

Jill and Candy
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Sending "come back" and "remain healthy" vibes.

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Thanks for the vibes. IO feel kind of silly being so attached to Lilly, I know she was feral, but I really thought I had a chance with that little girl.
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Don't ever feel silly for loving, period! It's a great testament to your character that you care so much, IMO. Whether or not we intended them to be "pets" or not, the fact is when you work with a colony, you come to know and care for all of them. She's never been out of your yard and now she's missing. Of COURSE you're worried!

Lilly - come home! You're safest there and everyone misses you!

And sending GET HEALTHY real soon vibes to the whole gang!

...Have you ever tried using grapefruit seed extract? Add one or two drops per cup of water into however you provide your water to them. (It works for people too. Hubby and I usually have several colds over the course of the Winter. We started using GSE sometime last year, and while we did have the flu back in October, that was the only time we really got sick over this past winter, which is almost unheard of for us!)
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Sending more "Come Home Lilly" vibes your way! And "Get Healthy" vibes to your indoor crew.
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Oh no! That is sooo scary. I am sending all of my come home vibes to Lilly.

And...I agree with Laurie..if you didn't love your ferals we would wonder where your heart is. I love each of mine...even the ones who won't let me near them. I don't think there is anything wrong with that!
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Come home Lilly !!!!!!! Maybe she is just spooked off. I do have a feeling she'll be back !
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First thnak you so much for your words of encouragement and then an Update on the situaton:
Our indoors kitties are doing a little better, it seems we are on the thrid round, with three or so cats catching it each round. This should be the last of it!!!! Also Mr.Poe-Poe,(Hero as I have started to call him)has strted grwing a little fuzz back so their wasn't any damage to the hair/fur folicals. Yeah!!! Unfortuantly there is still no sign of Lilly, and I'm scared, it has been quite a few days, even the other cats (she was playing wihtthe indoor kitties through the screensand doors) seem to know that she is gone. They ook sad and it makes me feel even worse. However, the good news is she has not been "found" in the neighborhood, we even checked the semi abandoned house down the street and the brush behind our house. So at least I can have some hope as I have no certain news to report on her. LILLY COME HOME!!! Vibes still needed.
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Thanks so much for all the good vibes!! LIlly has come home!! It seems that she got scared when the dogs attacted and she got herself up in to the neighbors garage and could not get out. Today when he was outside we asked if we could just check, just incase and there she was. Yeah!! This makes me so happy. Also this is one of our neighbors who used to complain about the ferals we take care of now he says, "H*ll, I don't mind them cats, I don't have mice anymore." One more battle won. Thnks again for reading my rantings over my Lilly girl, This is a great day.
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Fantastic news!! I was hoping that was what this post was! And even better that you turned your neighbor from the "dark side".
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I love these happy endings! Thanks so much for letting us know she is okay!
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I;m so happy to hear she has come home! What wonderful news! I'm sure you fell 200% better!
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Yeah ! I am so happy for yoU !She just went on a little mini vacation !
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phendric726..that is wonderful news!!!

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Yeah!!!!!! I'm so happy for Lilly and for you, now you can breathe again and concentrate on your other cats getting well.

Jill and Candy
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