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Matilda πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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One day this little tabby showed up it wasn't friendly at all but very curious about us. My mom and I being the animal lovers we are set out food for her and one random day she let me come up to her and love her and that's all it took! I was so I love with her and she followed be around everywhere!!!

Rain storm started to come in knowing I couldn't bring her inside sense I'm allergic and our dogs would eat her in the horse trailer she went. Well let's say are SoCal pens are not set up for rain at all and we had two goats standing in mud up to there knees. So Matilda ( she had like 5 different names before we knew if she was for sure was a she) ended up in a kennel in the garage. She couldn't stay in a kennel for days straight and I wasn't throwing her out in the rain......yup you guessed it she ended up coming inside and inside meant my room. Needless to say she is now my baby but I think my baby is gonna have her own babies here soon!

She will be spayed after her kittens leave for their new homes once they are here. I feel bad having her in my room all the time but don't want to let her out so she can run off and have her babies somewhere else in unsafe place. So until the kittens come she is a full time house cat and I honestly think for the most part she loves it.

I'll post some pictures of her and you guys can guess when and how many you think. Yesterday I felt and could see little bumps moving around in there and from what I read that means soon! She has been really restless the past couple of days, kneading on me, cleaning herself and always getting up and down. She has been eating like crazy so I'm sure she will have chunky babies lol

I thought I'd join here so if I have questions I won't have to freak out as I'm searching the web. Wish Matilda luck having this kittens and wish me luck finding forever homes for them.

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Matilda is a beauty, and Im sure its the very best she is inside now, and her children will be properly raised and socialized inside too...


Are you milking the goats? Β Goats milk is very healthy, and useful for cats and kittens too!


The only left to complain, I feel sorry for Β the goats, if they must stand in the mud up to knees. Β Its not supposed to be so.



Welcome to TCS!

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I raise Boer goats, they are used for show stock and meat projects. The breed is primarily a meat based breed.
Our pens were not set of the amount of rain we got so fast!! They were fine the night before but we ended up getting so much rain that night they needed to be moved out of the pen and into the horse trailer. (Where the cat was) They are back into their clean and dry pen now. But the amount of rain we go was crazy!!! I realize the way I worded didn't clarify the goats got moved.

The kittens were moving around so much last night and she is becoming so uncomfortable 😣 and is always laying with her belly up in the air so I'm sure they will be here with the next week or two.
It will be exciting to see what colors she has because we don't know who the dad is. I'm guessing the black tom cat who roams around is but with her being outside before we got her who really knows!!!
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Absolutely beautiful, stunning cat! So glad you brought her inside. Staying in your room is best for her anyway.

Here are some articles that may be helpful:

We're here to answer any questions! 😊
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I do have a question when she first showed up we didn't realize she was pregnant and took her to get her rabies and other vaccines and I've now read that they could potentially cause harm to the unborn kittens? What kind of harm and affects would those vaccines cause to the kittens?
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Sometimes causes miscarriage, and kittens can be born with birth defects. When were the shots?
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I'd have to look at the papers but I'm sure it was two or three weeks ago. She didn't start showing signs of pregnancy until a couple of days after the shots.
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Lets hope for the best.Β Β  :)

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Yes, let's hope.
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She didn't eat her dinner tonight and wants to be right next to me! She is getting up and then laying back down a lot!! She won't let me look at her rear end so I have no idea if she has any discharge.
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Originally Posted by LibertysGoatsΒ View Post

She didn't eat her dinner tonight and wants to be right next to me! She is getting up and then laying back down a lot!! She won't let me look at her rear end so I have no idea if she has any discharge.

She has surely some pains, precontractions. The question is if its the self prelabor which has started, or if its these precontractions coming several days before the self delivery Braxton-Hicks contractions.



Ayways, if no other symptoms comes, this is normal part of the procedure.-

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Im thinking Braxton-hicks definitely!! Right after I wrote about her not eating she went and took a few bites. But came back a laid right back down next to me. I've been setting one alarm around 1am because I'm such a heavy sleeper! I'm thinking as she gets closer to set a second one, I definitely don't want to miss her having them.
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How is she doing now?
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Checked on her at 1:45 and she was asleep, very uncomfortable but asleep. She is such a chill and relaxed cat it is making me feel bad she is so uncomfortable right now.
This morning she is doing about the same but begging for food! My mom will check on her more often today while I'm at school.
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Sounds good! She should be allowed to eat as much as she wants. 😊
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Yes, she definitely eats as much as she wants. She has one type of dry food out all day, she gets another kind of dry food for breakfast with wet food, and then she gets a good amount of wet food at night.

What colors could the kittens be if the dad cat was black? My sister in law really wants a black or calico kitten. Does she have a chance of having calico kittens?
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Her belly is huge tonight! On another forum I joined someone guessed that she would have the kittens tomorrow. So let's see if they are right! I have 3 possible homes lined up so that makes this a lot more exciting!
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Keep us posted!
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When I came home from school she was there to greet me and was begging for dinner already! πŸ˜‚ We just came back in form feeding the goats and horses so I'm going to go check on her and try and get a picture for you guys.
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I think we might be having more serious pre- contractions tonight. It seems as if she is holding her breath? She is also purring very softly has she sleeps something I've never noticed her do.
Will you be able to feel and see kittens moving through labor?
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How is she this morning? That does sound like labor. You can see ripples in her sides during labor, which are contractions. Cats tend to purr through the pain.
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I think she enjoys the attention she gets when she does something labor like πŸ˜‚ She did that until about 1am jumped of the bed dug in the litter box for awhile ate some food then came back to go to bed for the night.
she ate about half of her wet food this morning, she has been leaving more and more of her wet food and eating more and more of the dry food I've been leaving out for her.
I am going to be out of the house longer than I normally am today, so watch today be the day because I want to watch and be there with her so bad!!
She has been digging and digging in the litter box like I mention above does that mean she is wanting to have them on there? I've herd its really bad for kittens to be born on litter?
I have a huge litter box in a large dog kennel because I honestly hate seeing the box and I have a small travel kennel set up for her to give birth in could she be digging in the box because she feels the travel kennel is to small? Should I switch them out or is it to late to mess with things she already knows.
My mom and I plan on going to the dollar store to pick up some more towels and rags is there anything else we should try and pick up?
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It does sound like she is nesting in the litter, which is not good. You should switch them. Re-read the link regarding what to prepare for the birth in my post #4 above. That should help! 😊
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Ok when we go out for towels I'll add what's on the list to mine.
And when I get home I will switch the litter box out and make one big nest.
If she starts to have them on my bed will I have to let her finish having them or can I move her to a more ideal spot?
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Play that by ear if she starts having them on your bed. Sometimes it's best to wait.
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The two nests I now have set up for her. I really hope she uses them lol

This last picture just cracks me up I feel so bad for her but she really looks so over it in that picture.
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Lol. That's a real classic picture - love it! Bless her heart. She'll have them somewhere! 😻
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I don't see how she can get any bigger! I found an old picture of when she first showed up and she was tiny!
It's driving me crazy she hasn't had them yet. lol I'm always checking.
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Just when you think they can't get any bigger - surprise - they do! 😻
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I found a rescue that will work with me on getting 'Tildas kittens fixed and vetted before they are adopted. They will even help get Matilda fixed for us!
When I got the message this morning I cried, we understand the importance of having all that done for the kittens but couldn't be we are not financially set up for it.
I'm so excited we have this set in place now.
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