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cats and toothpaste

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This is kinda wierd but do any of your cats REALLY like toothpaste?

Last night I'm brushing my teeth and Kanga comes in the bathroom and watches me brushing my teeth. so I take the toothbrush and slowly bring it towards him and his eyes squint closed and he slowly backs away as I'm coming towards him. Then after I brushed my teeth I pick him up and give him kisses and he literally grabbed my face and gave me the most kisses ever! It was so cute! He loves the toothpaste smell on my lips.

Do any of your cats do this? Perhaps Kanga is just weird. ok Talk to y'all later.
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What kind of toothpaste. Simba goes NUTS over anything with mint in it. I have this Gold's Medication Lotion and he will lick anything that has it on it. Weird kitty.
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Oh my kitties don't like toothpaste, that's cute though!
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Rosie steals my mint chewing gum, well she did until i started zipping up my bag to stop her!.

But after i've brushed my teeth, she starts to sniff round my mouth and squints her eyes, but if i gently blow my minty breath on her she does'nt like it and will give my face a couple of gentle whacks!!
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Never seen a cat that likes toothpaste! Does anyone know anything about if it's not good for cats though? I heard that toothpaste can harm animals?? Apparently human toothpaste has detergents and chemicals that can cause stomach upset and foaming in pets. Maybe it was a wrong report. Has anyone else heard anything about human toothpaste and pets?
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Ares just loves the toothpaste smell! Whenever he realizes that we've brushed our teeth he's at our mouths licking us. Yesterday he had his nose inside my mouth! (I indulged him and opened my mouth) Silly kitties!
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I brush my teeth in the shower, and my cat doesn't usually go in there so I don't know. BUT he loves HIS toothpaste. It's totally different though.
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