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Recipe which violates laws of physics (at first glance)

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What do you folks know about this... thing... that I've found? Seems crazy!


6-1/2-cup scoops vanilla ice cream, rounded into balls
1 egg
1 tbsp. water
1 cup finely crushed graham cracker crumbs
1 tsp. cinnamon
Honey, whipped cream or caramel sauce for garnish

Combine graham crackers and cinnamon; mix well. Whisk water and egg together.

Dip ice cream balls into egg mixture, then roll balls in the crumb mixture and freeze until firm, about 1 hour. Refrigerate remaining egg mixture.

Re-dip balls in egg mixture and roll balls in remaining crumbs. Freeze for 15 minutes.

Heat oil in fryer or deep pot to 375°F and lower balls carefully into hot oil. Cook for 10 seconds. Remove and serve immediately, garnished with your choice of topping.

The weirdest thing of this is that I've found numerous variations of it! In Spanish and English.

PS Does it taste good?
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It's really good! What they do is freeze the ice cream really, really hard so that it doesn't melt when you put it in the fryer.

Over here, they mostly make this in Mexican restaurants. Yummy! If you ever get the chance, try it!
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Oh gosh that does sound really good!
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it's pretty common over here and it tastes pretty ok.. just that while the outer skin is hot, the inner is rather cold.. not good for my teeth...
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It is sooooooooo good, we had a restruant that used to make it, but they have a new chef and he makes it weird
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Love fried ice cream! I used to work in a Mexican restaurant, and we would occasionally put the wrong topping on, so we could have a snack.
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Victor, besides being fried, icecream can be baked in an oven too.
Have you heard of Baked Alaska?

Baked Alaska Receipe

Instructions You can have Baked Alaska on short notice if you keep cake and ice cream on hand in your freezer.

1. Start heating oven to 450ø F. For cake base, choose one of Alaskas below. Set cake base on brown paper (1/2" larger than cake) on cookie sheet.

2. Make meringue: With egg beater or electric mixer, beat 3 egg whites until they stand in peaks when beater is raised. Slowly add 6 tablesp. granulated sugar, beating until stiff and glossy.

3. Quickly fill or top cake base with 1 qt. very firm ice cream as directed below. Quickly cover ice cream and base completely with meringue. If desired, sprinkle with slivered almonds, shaved chocolate, or shredded coconut. Bake 4 to 5 min., or until delicate brown.

4. Remove Alaska from oven at once. Slip 2 spatulas between Baked Alaska and paper. Transfer Alaska to chilled serving dish. Garnish with canned peach slices, berries, etc. Serve at once.

P.S. To serve ablaze, pour bit of lemon extract on 3 sugar cubes; set on meringue; light; carry to table.

SURPRISE ALASKA: Make trough in 9" tube spongecake, leaving 3/4"-thick shell (see cutting directions for Frozen Angel, above). Fill trough with ice cream.

IGLOO ALASKA: Use bakers' spongecake layer. Pile ice cream on top, leaving

BROWNIE ALASKA: Use panful of uncut brownies. Top brownies with brick ice cream.
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