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Balcony help

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I was wondering if any of you have some balcony info. I live on the 4th floor and my cat Junior has already fallen off our balcony once last year. We don't have any screens and can't afford to get them yet cause they have to be special made. So we can't open our windows or the balcone door without watching all the time. I have seen some kind of mesh you can put up on the balcony. does anyone have this and can you tell me what it is and how to do it? Do you have a pic to show me? I need to get ready for the hot weather so I'm getting prepared now. Thanks
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I really don't know , but what have come to my mind was a big dog crate (sp) where the cat would not be able to come out and your cat would get to see some nature .
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Maybe you could get a large cat playpen or Kitty Kabana. They have them on www.drsfostersmith.com. Items # KY-10788- $89.99, #KY-10272-$99.99 and #KY-10789-$29.99 and #KY-7063- $139.99, KY-5325- $11.99, KY1473- $11.99 and KY-7386- $29.99.

I don't know how much you are willing to spend but you may be able to find something similiar for a cheaper price.

Jill and Candy
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Doesn't anyone own a balcony mesh? I've seen one before but don't really know what it was made of. The cages won't really work because we need it so we can keep the windows and back door open not so the cats can get some fresh air.
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I used a fisherman's net, a trawler's net when I lived on the third floor. I hung it by taking 2x4's and cutting them to fit, then placed the net around the board and screwed the board in place. I weighted down the bottom of the net with potted plants. You could not see it from the ground, and it kept the cat's happy and safe. They loved to climb it, and that was fine with me, for it resisted their weight and stayed in place.
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we have areas were our cats arnt supposed to go, so we put up baby fences stuff ( its a plastic wall with trianglular holes in them) and put the in the doorways. Or make a door to put in front of the balcony made out of chicken wire, and they wont be able to come through.
Was the kitten that fell out ok??
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You can buy rolls of screen at home depot or your local hardware store. It's very cheap. You will probably find it near the windows. They have different sizes and a few different materials. I actually plan to buy some this weekend to screen off my patio, but I have to make sure my apartment complex wont throw a fit first. (I'd hate to put it up and then have them make me take it right back down.) I plan use my staple gun to put it up - I think that will work just fine. I guess if your siding is plastic you could use some kind of adhesive... maybe you could get some velcro strips or something. I'd ask the workers at your hardware store what they suggest you use to put it up - they can often be very helpful!

If your cats are climbers, be careful they don't climb the screen and pull it down!
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I know what you're talking about - we have our balcony secured with a "cat net" and telescopic metal poles that clamp onto the railing (you can see a picture taken on the balcony under "JC's Pics"). I have German addresses for the nets, e.g., www.nets-for-cats.de , or
www.katzennetz.de . You could also use fishing net, or wire netting (sorry, I'm looking for a particular English word that is on the tip of my tongue).

Here's a U.S. site: http://www.seamar.com/nets/cats.html
And here's a net tunnel that wouldn't require installation:
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Thanks for all the great tips. I actually like the white lattice idea the best but I am in a condo and the management said no. I don't think they can argue with the transparent mesh on the website given to me by jcat. I'll keep you guys posted on what we get. Thanks again. Oh yeah, by the way, Junior is the one that fell off the 4th floor balcony and he had a scratch. It was amazing! Nothing broken just sore and emotionally scarred! I will not let it happen again!
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