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Another inappropriate peeing question

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Sam has been peeing specific places. I am positive that it is because of stress (He checked out fine at the vet).

The neighbours have a new cat, and after the new cat played in the hallway, with Sam inside my apartment, he would go outside the door and pee on the spot the new cat had scratched. I have sprayed with enzyme cleaner, and we have worked to introduce the cats, so she is no longer a stranger, and that seems to have stopped.

But he also started peeing on Bailey's beds. I would put down her bed, and she would use it for a few days, he would pee on it. I would wash it, spray it, she would use it again, he would pee on it again. And on the chair she slept in. An on the carpet she slept on.

Now when I took Bailey in for a check up, we found that she had a fairly serious systemic bacterial infection (a whole other story), which has cleared up nicely with a change in food, and Clamavox. But I am now thinking that the pattern of peeing on her sleeping spots may have started when she got sick. Is it possible that she smelled different, and he thought that this was the scent of yet another new cat that he had to leave messages for?

I still have to wash the latest new bed, I had thrown away all of her old sleeping blankets and mats in frustration, and started with new, and he still went and peed on the brand new bed. I have some Feliway spray. But now that Bailey is healthy again, do you think that he may stop "marking" her teritory?
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I would take Sam in for a recheck this week. One of the reasons I say this is the stress of a new kitty- even though not one in his own house can cause a cat to become ill and Sam could be succumbing to the stress in his system.

If he checks out fine, than it is behavioral and you can go from there to try and figure out why.
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He has actually not done it since his vet check last week, so we are pretty sure that its just behavioural. I'm just trying to get things organized (his routine as well as the items around the house) so that it doesn't start up again. It had only just occurred to me that it may have been Bailey's smell while she was sick that was adding to his stress levels.
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I'll bet that you are right about those places smelling funny due to the illness. I wonder whether putting Hissy's famous vanilla on those places would deter spraying???? Has anyone ever tried that?
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I was thinking of trying that vanilla trick. I may do that. Although bailey being better may solve the problem altogether.
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