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Help me!!

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Hello everyone. I have a big problem. As most of you know, my cat had kittens about a week ago. She was acting fine, nursing them, cleaning them, etc. We thought everything was going fine until today. She has suddenly decided she wants them out of the basket. We have basically left her alone w/ them....her basket is in our bedroom, where it is quiet during the day and the kids don't go in there. She seemed so comfortable with them, but today she started carrying them into my daughters room and putting them under a table. I can't let her keep them in there because they will keep my little girl awake, and also she keeps her door shut at night so the mommy wouldn't be able to get in and out. I hate to move them on her, but I don't know what else to do!!! Any advice on where I could maybe put them, or why on earth she has decided to move them to a "busy" room rather than the nice sanctuary we set up for her?????????????? We thought for sure she was comfortable where she was, and that until they started walking around on their own that they could just stay there in peace. Please help me!! Thanks.
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You need to keep mom IN the room with them. The kittens and mom need to stay in a room where the door is kept shut. Otherwise the kittens will keep getting moved and wont learn a lot of what the moms are teaching them.
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Well, I checked w/ the vet and they said NOT to keep them locked in. I am totally confused now. The vet said that the kittens should be kept in a basket or box so they can't wander, and that the mother should be free to come and go out as she pleases throughout the house. Her food and litter is in another room, and the vet said that she should be given a chance to get a "break" when she isn't nursing them. He also said that if she chooses to move the kittens to a new place and as long as it is not "dangerous" to let them be as long as they seem to be ok.
So, I am really unsure as to what to do right now. At this moment the kittens are back in the basket and she is with them. She seems like she is staying in one place for now. Lets hope it stays that way!
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Well, the vet can say what they want. Mothers who move thier kittens can cause damage to them without meaning to. They can put them in unsafe places and I am not sure if you plan on following her around all day when she decides to up and move them. As far as the breaks are concerned, thats why the kittens are in the box and cant get out. Mom can get up and get out when she wants. When the kittens are mobile they need to be in just one room. Otherwise you will find the kittens pooping and peeing all over the house. Not to mention getting into dangerous things throughout the house. If mom is not closed in the room with them, they who are they watching using the litter box, playing, grooming and being social. Kittens pick up 95% of behavior patterns from their mother, if she is off roaming the house then who is going to be there to show them the way. So, with that said I don't agree with that vet at all and you will have to do what you feel comfortable with.
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Kittens should be kept in an area that cannot roam about in, a box or a basket. Mommies should also IMO be kept in the same room, if possible, for the reasons that sandie stated. You ought to keep a litter box, food and water in that area. That way, if mommy needs a break she can get out of the basket/box and go do what she needs to do, Yet not so far away that she feels unncomfortable leaving. That could be the reason why she moved them, to be closer to her litter box, food / water, whatever. Generally speaking, the reason Mommies move the young ones is because the don't like where they are for whatever reason(s). They don't always move them to better places eg. more safe areas.

Hope this helps
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I agree with Ken, there was a reason why the mom moved her kitties - even if it wasn't as safe. When my momma cat had kittens, we kept the food/water and litter box in the same room from where the kittens were. We actullay kept the kittens in a large sized dog kennel (which was quite comfortable for them!) but a basket will do. Sometimes cats just want privacy and if they feel too exposed, they will hide under something. When my cat had kittens we also didn't let anyone touch them until they were walking around. Sometimes a momma cat will smell another scent and reject the kitten so I would be careful with how often you let someone touch them while/if they are still really young.

How old are the kittens? Have their eyes even opened?
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I live in a fairly large home, but unfortunately I don't have a spare bedroom. The only room that would be able to be closed off completely were to be if I put Sunshine and the kittens in the basement. But I don't think this is a good idea becasue we have sump pumps which go under the foundation and it would be easy for one of the kittens to get trapped under there. With that being said, our bedroom is really the only room that I can keep them in that has a door on it. ( I own a colonial w/ lg. spacious rooms that sort of all "connect" ) And the reason I didn't move her food/water and litter box was that my husband can absolutely not stand the smell and I don't really want him moaning over it especially considering our bedroom is the only room that is KID FREE and is his and his alone!! Now if I have to move everything in there I will, but both the vet and the tech seemed so adament that I leave things "as was before" that I just had left the door cracked so Sunshine can come down when she needs to eat.
I guess I'll try to move it in there.........although she hasn't moved the kittens since this morning, she actually is asleep in the basket w/ them and is very calm.
To answer you Angela, there eyes are just beginning to crack now. They are one week old. And nobody has been bothering or touching them in any way. They are in complete peace in there, and very secluded and private. Thats why it really confused me that she waited a whole week before she decided to move them!! Also, she didn't even move them closer to her "area" of food etc, she actually moved them to the furthest back bedroom and the one with the most confusion w/ a two year old in there!!!!!
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Dear Daniela :angel2:

Expect the unexpected should be the sign above every cat's head...I know this is difficult because my guess is is that you're the only one there that actually knows and deals with what's going on with Sunshine and her babies.

If it were me, I'd take all the advise I could get from Sandie and all that agree with her since she is one of the top breeders here at the site and deals with this on almost daily basis. I'm not saying that your vet isn't a good veterinarian...but perhaps their knowledge concerning the behaviour of cats in general needs a bit of attention??? We've all seen doctor's, vet's make a bad call, it's just cause they're probably scared to say "I DON'T KNOW" ...which by far is much worse!

Stay calm, she's got your back and we're right behind ya's
Everything's gonna be okay

Love, Peace &
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Thank you Catarina for the vote of confidence
I am not going to go into the issue of vets here tonight. I will only say that they are human and not all vets have a real insight on feline or canine behavior.
Okay, so with that said...My advice comes from experience and lots of hours put into feline behaviors. My experience comes from not only having semi feral kittens in my house but from watching and learning from rescued 4 to 6 week old kitten. Then on the other side, I as a breeder have a VERY controlled enviroment for the mothers and the kittens. I have seen both sides of the fence. Trust me, a kitten raised in the proper enviroment is a much healthier and happier kitten.
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Thanks for all the advice.
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