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Update on Peaches and Vacation Pics!

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Some of you may remember that I was asked to get have Peaches adopted out by last Wednesday or take her to a shelter. She is living in our spare bedroom and we did not think that she would do well in there for 8 days alone while we were on vacation. I have been trying to adopt her out for about 6-8 months now with no luck. Well it came down to the wire on the Wednesday before we flew out. I took her to a shelter in town, they were full, but I don't think I could have left her there anyway! The place was so sad, there are so many pets there waiting for homes. The local cat adoption place is full also, it is a good place with limited space and I would feel very comfortable leaving her there while they try to find her a good home. Anyway, they were full and we are on the waiting list.
Finally, we decided to board Peaches for the 8 days while we are gone. Plus, we had her yearly exam done, she got rabies shots and all of her vaccines!!! Yay! This worked out so well. The people at the vet's office are really nice, they play with the cats and they let me bring her catnip monkey toy and her bed that I made for her So, she is in good hands and being well cared for (instead of in a crowded shelter)
When I get home I can start the adoption process again and hopefully find her a furrever home

With all that said...we are on vacation in Telluride Colorado. The skiing is nice even though its in the 60's during the day. At lease we are not freezing

Here is a pic of the mountains...and the old railroad cars that are along side of the road on the way to Telluride
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Here are a few bumps on one of the slopes!
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Here is a pic of me and my Mom on the ski slopes. I am with a group of 14 people. Steven, his Dad, my Mom and Step-Father and thier ski club from NC.
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And the last pic for now...This is me Steven and his Dad...
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Your sweetie is a cutie! Your photos remind me of how lovely Colorado is...I lived in and outside of Boulder, way back in my 20's <G>.

Have a great rest of your vacation!
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Hey Ginger, wow it looks like you're enjoying your holiday! WTG. Good news about Peaches I hope she finds a furrever home real soon. Keep up the good work.and keep having lots of fun!
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Hope you're enjoying your vacation! I've heard of Telluride - isn't that the place with a lot of people with "alternative" lifestyles? Sounds interesting. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Peaches.
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Thanks for the well wishes for Peaches. We sure could use some of that good ole board magic to find her a home!

I havn't heard of any alternative lifestyles but there are alot of Hippies around town. Its a really cool little town set into the valley

Check out this pic... this is from the gondola. You can see the little town at the bottom of the hill.
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Ginger, I'm so glad you got something worked out with Peaches. Looks like you are having fun in my home state.

Originally Posted by Jcat:
I've heard of Telluride - isn't that the place with a lot of people with "alternative" lifestyles?
I think you are thinking of Trinidad, Colorado - known for performing very specific elective operations.
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Awwwww i hope someone comes to give her a loving home soon. But i bet your missing her already?!
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Heidi, HI!!! You are about 2 hours away, cool! It is so beautiful out here. Is Denver mountainous as well? We are actually thinking of moving out here some time in the near future.

I am missing Peaches alot. I tried to call the vet tonight to check on her but they are closed, we are a couple of hours behind Florida time. I will call her in the morning. I hope she is okay.

Has anyone ever boarded a cat before? How was the experience?
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I found a beautiful pure white kitty who lives across the yard from the place we are staying. She is sooooo pretty!
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Wow Coco Maui , that looks like a great vacation to me . Great pictures and they sure remind me of Europe .

I do hope that Peaches will soon find a fur ever home , poor baby . I sure will say a prayer for her
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Glad Peaches is in good hands and you're having a great vacation! The pictures are wonderful!
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Awwww glad Peaches is doing well....awesome pics
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Looks like you're having a fun vacation. I love going skiing in the mountains.

I'm happy that Peaches is in good hands while you are gone and I'm sure you'll find a good home for her soon. Keep up the great work!
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