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six kittens now, seven

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I have a new job, in which I am work about 10 to 11 hours a day, Monday through Friday. I just built a 22 by 10 foot enclouser and rescued 12 cats from a bad situation. So I have been busy.

The reason that I am writting is that I took in a stray female from a friend that had been feeding a feral cat colony. On March 16th she had 6 kittens., When I back from work today, March 19th there were seven. Did she just not deliver one? All seven are under my bed and healthly.

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Wow! You are my new hero! Bravo to you for rescuing all of these cats.

Regarding the babies...I have no clue! Hopefully some of our members with kitten experience will chime in with their thoughts.
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Hello Lotsofcats,

I just got back from the vets. I took in four of my eight (core) group for their vacinations. I asked the vet about the situations with the, now, seven kittens. It is unusual, but it does happen. They are under my bed and they are all healthy.

I live in Kingman, Arizona, actually I live in the county, Mohave County. The law here is that if you feed an animal for seven days you become legally responsible for it. The man who created the situation for the twelve cats is now in prison and he should be there for a long time. (nothing to do with the cats)

Because the trailer court manger feed the cats she became the legal owner. Animal Control knew about the situation but didn't do anything because the way the law is here they would have had to charge her. The is no way to bring charges against the man who created the situation.

Seven days after I took possesion of the cats I phone animal control and talked to them. The were happy that I had rescued the cats. And I wanted to protect myself in case this man came back. They are now legally mine. Two of them have gone to the Helen Woodmark Center in San Diego and they should get good homes.

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That is wonderful! Are they all spayed/neutered except for the momma cat? If not, there are some wonderful organizations in Arizona that can help you get them altered.
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LOL! The same thing happened to me last year- I rescued a pregnant stray from a blizzard and she gave birth to kittens in my bedroom.

When I walked into my bedroom that Monday morning, I saw four kittens- one dark red, one light orange, one gray/white and one light calico..

When I got back home from work Monday evening, I saw FIVE kittens! I thought my mind must be playing tricks on me because I distinctly don't remember seeing a black/white kitten then I realized that Sweetie (mom cat) must not have been done with her birthing when I saw her that morning.

LUCKILY the birth went smoothly and Sweetie was a SUPERB mom!

All 4 kittens found GREAT homes along with Sweetie- I was a BIG sucker and ended up keeping the 5th kitten- black/white (runt of the litter-she was the smallest of all) cuz Zebra really took to Pepper (black/white kitten) over other kittens. I'm posting 1 pic of the kittens.

Now the funny thing is that she's the boss of the whole gang! I never dreamed that a runt of the litter could end up being the boss of 3 cats who are bigger than her!

Kudos to you for taking care of these kittens and mom cat!! I WISH there are more ppl like u out there...
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1 day old kittens.
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