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I went out to buy the feliway because my cat keeps peeing right outside the box. Now since thats one of the main places I want her to stop peeing how do I use the feliway since your supposed to spray it where they keep peeing. But if I put it right outside the box wouldn't that make her now want to use the littler box? I'm so confused on where to spray in bathroom wise, everywhere else she pees I understand where to spray.
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I dont know but I just spent $30 today on the spray because I had to take Zoey to the vet and I sprayed it in her carrier and it did absolutely no good... she yeowled and panted the whole way.
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Well now that I just spent $30 too she all of a sudden decided "I'm not gonna pee outside the box now" hehe. so I don't know if I wanna take it back or keep it because it'd be a good thing to have around. but then again $30 is alot when your broke :-/
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You asked a good question here that I'd like an answer to, also. Hopefully someone with experience with it will come along this time. How close to the litter box can one use it without it interfering with the cat's normal use of the box?

And for those using Comfort Zone, can you use it in an adjoining room when the door between rooms is going to be open? I've thought of using it in my sewing studio, which is where the cats spend a great deal of time, but that adjoins the bathroom, where I have their litter boxes. And I always leave the door ajar, so they can get to the boxes as needed. As I recall, the Comfort Zone is supposed to cover about 600 square feet, which is nearly twice as large as the sewing studio. So even if I put it at the far end of the sewing studio, I'd think it would be in the bathroom, too.
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