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If you could be whatever you wanted.....(poll!)

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Lets say you had infinate amounts of money. You could go to any colledge and do any career....whats the one thing you would do that you have always wanted to but for some reason cant?

What are you currently doing and what would you rather be doing?

Temp jobs and in a few days Walmart

Wanted to be for years:
Actress(I have experiance)
Geologist or teacher of english or some sort of science....
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i wanna be a fund manager.. but i have no relevant experience and stuff... tough..
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I wanna be paid lots of money for rescuing cats and owning a shelter, lol!
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If I had infinite amounts of money, I wouldn't NEED to go to college to get the career that pays the bills. My dream job is to be a wife to a super wealthy guy!!! Not that that is going to happen anytime soon, soooo I will settle for a teaching career (which I am getting closer to. Only one more year left of school woo-hoo!!)
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I have the dream of Being a OB/GYN RN. Had that dream for most of my life. But I would also settle for being a teacher since I taugt preschool for YEARS!!! But my Real 100% prefered job is to be a stay at home mom. But since I don't have any kids yet that's not an option. So in the mean time I am working towards Getting my RN. Just another 4 years or more to go LOL.
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I'd love to be a famous the mean time, I am a music educator (grades prek-12, vocal, instrumental and general music).
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I am an elementary school administrator, which I love, but I would be an astronaut if I could be anything.
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I picked singer also. Some of the other professions listed are achievable with hard work and studying and $. Singing, either you have a good voice or you don't. I really wish I could sing
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Originally posted by chixyb
I wanna be paid lots of money for rescuing cats and owning a shelter, lol!
I agree wholeheartedly!

Actually, after working for 25 years in a computer system development field, I'm sick of the corporate office world. I'm hoping that gaining experience with rescue will help me go someplace where I can do this and get paid. The money isn't there, so in the meantime I'm socking away as much as I can so that I can live "poor" so to speak.
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I am mostly a stay home mom and house wife and I need to say that I am very happy who I am and what I do . Caring for all my loved ones
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Well I'm a college student but I wanna be in natural medicines when I'm older.
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I'm a research scientist, but what I'd really love to do is write. I've written an article for Stray Pet Advocacy, and it was one of the most fulfilling things I've done. I'd also like to write fiction, but that's a long shot....
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If I could be anything I wanted to be, it would be a Rock Star, so I guess singer. I used to have a great singing voice, and was brought up to believe I would be a singer, until I had to go on a respirator for a month. That destroyed my vocal cords, and now sadly, I can no longer sing. So, my next choice would probably be an actress.
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That sucks Hope
I too would love to be the vocalist for a band (AFI!!!!!)
Yeah being Davey Havok would be cool...
sadly I cannot sing
hmm lets see what else... race car driver, proskater, batman...

Oh well,

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I would love to be a Forensic Psychologist, or FBI Profiler. But neither of those will ever happen, I just don't have the time or money for the education I would need at this point in my life.

Realistically, I would love to turn the web-design and/or Stray Pet Advocacy into a full time gig. There is SO MUCH research and such, so much more I could do but not with a full time job and SPA on the side.
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I have always since I was a little girl wanted to become a writer. I am taking journalism courses but its not the same.
I also wanted to be a vet (But can't stand the sight of blood), a teacher, an actress, a singer, a astronaught(SP), a clown ( after a visit to a circus), a zookeeper, a lawyer, and I think pretty much everything, (I even wanted to be Barbie at one point )

Right now I am working in a private care home looking after senior citizens. I enjoy it.
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I've been retired for many years, and I am totally loving it. No boss. No time demands. I eat, sleep, work and play whenever I wish. I design patchwork clothing and sell it on a popular auction website. I get very little per hour for my time and could never have made a living doing it, but now that I'm retired can afford to do what is fun regardless of how little I make. I only do it part time, though. I also make patchwork quilt tops and donate them for world relief projects. And I spend many, many hours a day on the computer. And of course I spend some time playing with my two adorable cats. My health is still reasonably good, so I am having the time of my life.
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I always wanted to be an Actress when i was growing up
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Don't all shrink back in horror like most people do when i mention it!.- An Undertaker!!!

I'm not into black magic or anything sinister. I have always wanted to do it, and it's a job that i would take pride in, but theres so much involved.

A friend of mine is one, and he is at the moment doing his embalming course which is'nt easy as what i thought it would be?!.
He has urged me to think about it as they cry out for females undertakers, especially where there are children and women.

Maybe i will in another life!

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I'm a research scientist, but what I'd really love to do is write. I've written an article for Stray Pet Advocacy, and it was one of the most fulfilling things I've done. I'd also like to write fiction, but that's a long shot....
OKEEFECL, writing is something that can be done anytime in your life. I have a friend that just had his first book published. He wrote at night and during lunch. He kept a tape recorder next to him at work so he could always jot down notes as they came to him. Give it a try!

Personally, I've got my college degree in Theater with a concentration in Directing. Once I graduated, I had to make a choice between feeding my muse or feeding myself and my kitty and putting a roof over our heads.

Now that I've been out of college and in the corporate world, my muse is kicking me in the butt and demanding preference. How I wish I had the money to do it full time! So part time I work for a production company. Every June we perform the NJ Renaissance Festival. In October we run a Haunted Walking Tour. During the year we perform children's shows for underprivilaged kids, and do benefit plays. Right now I'm the Assistant Director for GODSPELL. Anyone interested in a ticket?

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At this point in my life, I just want to rest. I'm tired of being so stressed out, uptight and unhealthy so if I could be anything, I'd like to be a rich person who never had to worry about money again.
Then after so well deserved rest, I'd like to maybe go into forensics also. I love the show forensic files on late night court tv. Watch it as much as animal planet! LOL!
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I'd love to be a librarian in a large library (I guess I'm addicted to that old book smell!!!) I did want to be a singer about a thousand years ago but hate getting up in front of people...... unless I've had a beer or two, then I'm a karaoke queen!!!! (It doesn't matter if you're out of tune as long as you're enthusiastic...... so I've been told )
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