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Ear mites

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How long does it take for ear mites to clear up? I have been following orders and cleaning his ears and putting this oil type drops in them (he hates it by the way and I get kitty glares after) It's been several weeks, and one is clear but the other is better but still have mites. I just was wondering how long it took your cats. I know if I call the Vet he will say it could take more time, but this still seems long!
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They are pretty tenacious and it can take a long time. Just be patient and keep putting the drops in the ears.
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It can take quite ahwile to get rid of ear mites with the drops. If putting the drops in his ears irritates him, you can have the vet put some ivermectin in his ear(s) and it should do the trick. It's also possible that the mites are gone, but sometimes having mites can cause an infection in the ear. You might want to talk to the vet about doing an ear cytology to make sure it's mites vs an infection.
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