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Another Lost Baby

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I am writing this for Rene because she is much too upset to write. She lost her baby Dakota today. Dakota and his brother Milo were the start of Helping Paws. Rene's husband Clint found two bundles of fur in a tire at the place he used to work. They were three day old Dakota and Milo. Rene told Clint to bring them home and they were bottle fed and were the first two cats Rene and Clint rescued. Dakota was very special also to Rene's daught Allison. He slept with her every night and was her "special cat". Ironically Dakota is the Cat of the Day on this site. Please send your prayers out to Rene and her family. On a personal note, Rene you know I love you and I am always here for you. I too will miss Dakota.
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Words always fail me at times like this because no words can ease the pain in your heart or stop the tears from flowing. Dakota did a good thing, in prompting you and Clint to open your heart and start this sanctuary. Perhaps somewhere down the line, when your heart is less heavy, you can make some sort of Dakota Fund Drive, and put the money aside for a certain animal issue that is near and dear to your heart? Just a thought, and a lot of hugs to you and the family as you say goodbye in your hearts and minds.
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My heart goes out to you Rene, and your family. It is always so hard to see a loved one go. Dakota must have been very special to you...Inspiring you to start such a wonderful thing as Helping Paws. Please know that you all will be in my thoughts.
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Rene would like to thank everyone for making Dakota "Cat of the Day", it means a great deal to her. She will not be on the site for a while in order to give her and her family time to grieve.

Dakota got his first taste of freedom a while back by sneaking out of the totally enclosed yard that Rene and Clint had set up for their cats. Since that time he was determined to be free. He'd find a spot to get out, Clint would seal it, and yet he'd find another. This went on for six months. Well, yesterday he found yet another spot, only this time, unfortunately, it cost Dakota his life.

All of us at Helping Paws will miss Dakota terribly. We also want the Knapp family to know that we love them and will ALWAYS be there for them.

Rest in Peace Dakota.

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God Bless Dakota and all the other precious cats who cross The Bridge: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. . . . .

Rene my sympathy and hugs to you and all who knew, and will sorely miss,
Dakota. When the time is right; I hope that you will come on and share a "favorite memory" of him. He was indeed sent to you and Clint for a reason. His best legacy is the great work Helping Paws does in the rescue community.

You are in my prayers,
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my thoughts and prayers go out to Rene and her family on thier loss.

Donna, thanks for posting that picture of Dakota. I have the forums bookmarked in my favorites, so when I come on I bypass the home page and don't ever see the cat of the day pages.

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This is Rene's husband Clint. I want to express our appreciation to everyone for your condolences regarding the loss of our Dakota. we love your idea, Hissy, of establishing a Dakota fund in which we can keep his memory alive in a very special way.
Dakota was a very special member of our family. He was truly a free spirit and VERY independent. As Michele described, I found Dakota at work in a tire along with his brother Milo (one detail: they were about ten days old when I found them). I had never owned a cat up to that point, much less a tiny kitten, and was not sure what to do. I went to a local vet down the street from work and got some advise along with KMR and a bottle. When I started feeding them in my office Milo made little purring noises and at that point I new what I had to do. I called Rene and told her "I have two little white balls of fluff on my desk. What should I do?" The rest is history.
It wasn't long before their personalities emerged and two more different cats you could not imagine. Milo was (and is) a couch potato. Dakota had to be into everything. One day, as a three month old kitten, we could not find him. we looked everywhere until we heard an noise and found him on the living room drapery rod, watching us go crazy looking for him. Dakota was responsible for certain home improvements: after shredding our third shower curtain we decided it was time to get shower doors (he was soooo disappointed).
Dakota, our memories of you will always be very special: your beautiful odd eyes, your sleek body, your Roman nose and your indomitable spirit will always be with us. We all loved you and are going to miss you very much
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I had a Dakota in my life once as well. Only his name was Pete and he loved to climb the rafters in the living room and hide from us there. He also was an escape artist and would vanish at times causing us great concern. One day he came home not looking right and passed away that night. He had been gone for 3 days.

Dakota left quite a legacy and I know whatever type of fund you decide to set up, it will represent his spirit and fierce love for life. God bless you both as you deal with your sadness and know that your cat friends here are embracing you with all the strength and love we can possibly muster.
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I'm so sorry about Dakota. He must have quite something to be such an inspiration to you. Extra ear scratches to Milo, too.
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Rene and Clint; When you decide what you are doing for the Dakota tribute; I would be honored if you would let me donate a portrait of him (from your favorite photo) in oil or watercolor for his memorial. It could hang somewhere at Helping Paws along with his story. You can feel free to e-mail me anytime. Saucy-Kat@webtv.net
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Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes - we are very sad today as Dakota was one of our first babies ever and he meant a lot to all of us in different ways. Thank you all and three legged cat, I would love to take you up on your offer - we have a wonderful picture of Dakota that I will send you - how kind you are.
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Rene and Clint - I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Dakota. You will both be in my prayers.
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Rene and Clint!!!!!!!! I am so very sorry to hear about Dakota! I broke down and cried after reading about it. I can't imagine the pain and the loss you are feeling....I love ALL my cats, but as you all know, Merlin is the special one, and if anything ever happens to him, I will just die!
I am truley sorry about Dakota, and wish there was something at all that I could do to help ease your pain, but I know I can't. I will pray for you and your family during this hard time.
just know how much we all love you guys, and this hurts us, too.
You are family here. And so was Dakota.

My thoughts are with you. Again, I am so sorry for your loss!
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Rene and Clint:

I echo the sympathies and feelings that everyone else has posted regarding Dakota.

He obviously had a spirit that could not be tamed, and went out of this world on his own terms. The life that he did have, regardless of it being snuffed out early, had an infinitely better quality than it would have if you two hadn't opened up your hearts and home to him.
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Rene and Clint, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and I wish there was something we could say to take the pain away... Dakota is with the best of them now at the Bridge, and you can bet your life they're having a great time - all having their own adventures as always - but this time no harm will come to any of them......
Again, Im so sorry for your loss.....

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