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Water Dogs

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Anyone else out there have dogs who just adore the water? My Daisy (a lab) is in 7th heaven in the water. Last night we were playing outside, and I set up the sprinkler for her. She LOVES it! She sticks her mouth right up at the base of the sprinkler and lets all that water shoot into her mouth. Then she rolls around on the sprinkler and then she barks at it. At one point, she actually picked up the sprinker in her mouth and was carrying it around the yard, all the while shooting water all over her. She just gets such a look of extasy on her face while she's doing this; she's just a sight to see. Anyway, I just had to share. What a cool dog!

(and you know, I found her at the pound! Can you imagine someone dropping off an 8 month old, AKC registered lab at the pound! What were these people thinking! But good luck for me. And she only cost me $5!)
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Our sheperd loves water too. She will attack the hose with great vigor, snatch it out of my hands and run around with it in her mouth squirting everything, even the horse! LOL I fill up her pool in the summer and she jumps right in, she plays in the creek, and jumps in the water trough. Goofy dog. Labs are by nature great duck hunters and water dogs, but German Shepherds that love water to this degree? I don't know....
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Oh yeah, I have a water dog too. My guess is he is a Pitt,chow,lab cross. He likes to swim with Micheles Golden Retriever.
Okay now, I dont want to start anything here, but Dawn yes he was only $5.00 to take him home but how much has it cost for medical,vaccines,flea&tick prevention as well as heartworm. Only reason I say this is because I all too often see people looking for free pets and they don't realize that there are no free pets. I had to stop here and state my case
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Like Sandie said my Golden Retriever Brandon LOVES the water! As soon as we say "Brandon want to go swimming" he starts running in circles crying. He just can't wait! My other dog A.J. who is part Pit Bull part shepard/lab also loves the water. He is not as good of a swimmer as Brandon though. He has a hard time keeping his head above water! But they both have a great time. We actually have a hard time getting Brandon out of the water
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Sandie - That's a great point about how much I paid for Daisy! She has cost us an arm and a leg recently with vet bills, plus since she's so large, her normal upkeep is quite costly. But she's worth every penny and more.

My point was (but not stated well since I was in a hurry) that I got such a wonderful, loving, fun dog at the city pound for a great price! She was already spayed and current on shots when I got her. I urge everyone to check out their local pound before getting a free cat or dog out of the paper. It's amazing the wonderful animals you will find there. The $500 pets still cost as much to maintain as the ones you get at the pound (sometimes even more).

But you're right, pets are never free - I actually pay much more for their medical care than I do for my children's medical care (insurance, you know).

Hissy - Daisy has her own pool too. She absolutely loves it. I have to fill it every day because she gets in and "digs" all the water right out of it. I also have to give her a big tub for her drinking water or she'll dig all the water out of her bowl too. What I'd love to do is take her to the lake to go swimming, but I haven't found a beach around here yet that allows dogs to swim.
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Ahhhh...I knew I had taken a picture of the booger in the pool. He loves to play with Kylee in the pool!!
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