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My cats are Guy Magnets! LOL!

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I just had to share this with you guys...I definitely got a laugh out this one!

Well, this evening I thought I would do a little shopping for my furkids & took a trip to PetSmart. I found these nice cat mats for underneath the litter boxes & I thought that would help me from having to vacuum every day. After that, I stopped at couple other places in town & headed back home. Well, my very nice looking neighbor (I don't even know his name!) & about 7 of his very nice looking buddies were walking up to the apartment the same time I was. I'm sure I was a sight to be seen....2 very big cat mats in one arm, 3 plastic grocery bags in the other, keys in one hand & my purse slung over my shoulder. The guys seen that I was struggling a bit & openned all three doors in my apartment for me. Along with that, the guys were teasing my neighbor & I about be across the hall from each other. I just smiled, thanked them all & headed inside to unpack my goodies. Five minutes later as I'm in mid chew of my Amigos dinner, a knock comes on my door. I peered out the peekhole & sure enough one of the "buddies" was there. I openned the door & he said something like he hated to bother me but he was curious if I had cats. I said yes...2 actually. He went on to tell me that his buddy (my neighbor) was harassed by the landlord about his cat....but the poor guy really didn't have a cat. This guy said that he noticed that I had been carrying 2 cat mats & wanted to warn me about having a cat if it's not allowed (which it is for me anyway...I paid those deposits for a reason!). He then starts the 20 questions...what's your name, are you originally from here, did you just graduated college, what is your career....blah,blah,blah. He then asks me if I want to come over next door to have some beers with the guys! LOL! I told him that I appreciated the offer, but had to decline because I have to work early in the morning. I just can't believe I just got hit on at my own front door!! Damn...that cracks me up! So, it looks like I need to go shopping more often for my cats & I'll actually get a date!

Just had to share...I'm still giggling over it all!
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Wow!! That is very cool Shell... Maybe Tiki and Echo has ESP!!
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You go girl
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That's cool Shell! Hopefully next time you wont have work.
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LOL, Miikka is a chick magnet for me! No girls have been able to resist her (other than my girlfriend who is quite partial)!

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I think I might have to start making daily trips to PetSmart or something! Plus, I noticed that there were a few really nice guys there while I was shopping so maybe that should be the place to find available guys around here. At least they got one thing going for them...They're animal lovers!
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Originally posted by Shell
At least they got one thing going for them...They're animal lovers!
Just make sure they arent in the "exotic snake isle", or the large breed dog isle and I am sure this could be a good plan!

The term "animal lover" has just too many branches that may not agree with "feline lover"
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I had a neighbour like that about 10 years ago, she was an absolute knockout and my pals were all giving me the gears about having to live next door to this cute thing.... never did ask her out because she wasn't interested in me anyway.... have dated enough to know when they aren't LOL.
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Awesome Shell! I'm taking Emmett with me everywhere from now on
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How come my cats never seem to attract females?? LOL
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Maybe the next time you see your neighbor around (or knock on his door) you could invite him over for a drink at your place so he can play with your kitties! It sounds like he likes cats
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Shell, you need to get another cat and name him/her "Date Bait".
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Heh... you're the guy magnet Shell.....
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I agree with Ken, Shell. I bet it was you that they couldn't resist and the cats were just an excuse! You should make him (your neighbour) cookies or something to thank him for helping you out.
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Shell, YOU are the guy magnet!! Your girls are very beautiful too though

You really should get to know your neighbor - especially if he likes cats!

You go girl!
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Oh You crack me up!

Thank you for being so sweet & making me feel good!

Cindy, a cat named "Date Bait"! LMAO!!!!!
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"Date Bait", cute!!!! You should, Shell...LOL You should get a Siamese and name it "Date Bait" then you'll REALLy get the guys checking U and your cats out. All of my husbands friends seem to love all of my 4 kitties, but they really love Simba the Siamese.
Good luck and you go girl!!!!
P.S. I always thought about taking my Simba to PetSmart to shop with me cause he loves people and seeing different places. Wonder what kind of reaction I'd get with him at my local Brandon, FL Petsmart
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