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Decisions, decisions

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Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot will be celebrating their 10th birthday in a few days, and I want to get them something special. They already have a ridiculous number of toys , so I want the surprise to be really cool.

I've found 2 neat toys, and can't decide -

panic mouse

cat spa

Which do you guys think would be better for 2 sweet & still somewhat playful 10-year-old cats, who also love catnip & a good petting? Or should I cave & get both? Or do y'all know of something that's even better?
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My cats have something similar to the panic mouse and they LOVE it, a cat spa does sound neat though. I say both!

Happy Birthday to Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot!!
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My cat votes for the panic mouse. He doesn't have much to groom though, so he's not fond of the spa.

Get the panic mouse at least, and give yourself a treat too. It'll let you relax for a while and not have to shake things around or throw things for him.
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If you can afford it, I'd say both - they compliment each other well. If I had to choose one, I'd go with the panic mouse.
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Panic Mouse all the way! My cats have one and LOOOOOVE it!! It's so damn entertaining even for me just to watch them! You won't be sorry! Look at all this fun! Well ok... so it looks like mostly Hallie likes it. But actually they all play with it except for Carmella. She is kind of scared of it.

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i have the catspa at home and even with catnip, my cats dun play with it... so i'll go for the panic mouse
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My cats used to have the Cat Spa. I had it for over a year and they only used it a couple of times. I ended up donating it to my local SPCA, in hopes of making other kitties happy! I have never tried the Pain Mouse, but my oldest boy, Peppurr, is scared of stuff like that! Zeus would probably go nuts for it. I am thinking about picking one up for his birthday!
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Mine love their cat spa. When they hear the sound of the catnip bucket being opened, they run over to it and wait for treats. They didn't use it at first, but now they look just as happy as the kitties in the picture on the box. And even when I don't have fresh catnip on it, they use it to rub and scratch. In the spring, I find tufts of cat hair on the brushes, which is a wonderful thing in a house with long hair cats.
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Happy Birthday Sylvestra and Mr Underfoot!!

I would buy them both as well
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I like the catspa
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I also would have to go with the Panic Mouse. My guys never even looked twice at the catspa.
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OK, I'm going to cave & get them both. It is a two-cat birthday, after all, and a biggie. I'm sure the mouse will be a hit (if I can decide which kind to get, the original or the 360), and I think they'll probably like the cat spa too b/c they pet themselves on everything, and are crazy for catnip. It's good to know the panic mouse has stood up to multiple-cat wear & tear - I was worried about that. Thanks for the pics, Tammie, they're adorable!

Mr. Underfoot, Sylvestra & I thank you all for the happy birthday wishes, and the input. (Their birthday is the 24th, so I'm off to the pet store soon.)
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I've been considering both for JC. The panic mouse looks like fun, but is made out of plastic, and he seems to prefer that I'm at the other end of any interactive toys. I've read some great reviews for the cat spa, but JC only likes catnip in live plant form, and uses weird things to massage his gums. His current favorites are Daddy's glasses, the knob on our pepper mill, and my cell phone. How about a few big cardboard boxes, or the Sunday Times, scattered around the living room? Or a non-toxic palm tree, whose leaves are fun to shred?
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I voted for the spa. My guys loved it (and have since destroyed it). I do not like the panic mouse as my guys tend to pull it over or break it VERY quickly. But then my guys play hard
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i have both of those and i've found that a)the string on panic mouse is broken in 5 minutes and b) only one of my cats knows what to do with the cat spa and it took her a year to figure it out. might i suggest a krazy kitty catnip bed?? my cats love it and the catnip is VERY potent and easy to refill. they get a lot of use out of it
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Thanks again for all the suggestions. They all contributed to a joyful birthday party for the crew.

I got both the panic mouse & the cat spa, and also brought out their boogie mat & their catnip bed (they already have one - definitely a good suggestion if they didn't, though!) I brought out a pot of kitty grass (soon shredded), and spread newspapers all over the floor, wadded some up & tented some papers to play under, & put out some cardboard boxes and a paper bag. PARTY! Catnip and chicken-flavored treats were freely given, and a meal of canned food finished off the festivities.

All the cats enjoyed the panic mouse, except Oreo, who wasn't sure what to think of it. He'll get curious about it soon, I'm sure. The cat spa was a big hit, too. Felixia, Mr.Underfoot, and Oreo rubbed all over it, enjoying it tremendously. Funny thing is, Sylvestra is the one I was sure would use it the most (she's the one who loves to roll on things), and she's the only one who hasn't touched it! Maybe in a few days. They lost interest in the mouse after a while (they were all pretty catnipped by then, though, and mostly wanted to nap), and went to the cat spa and catnip bed & mat. So I put the mouse away, and will bring it out again for them to play with again soon. It seems like they enjoy the toys more when they're rotated.

Sylvestra, Mr. Underfoot & friends thank you for the ideas.
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Wow- the birthday bash sounded like so much fun! I hope you took pictures! Glad both of them were a hit!
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