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I'm at my wits end!

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I have a kitty who is 7 months old now. I found him as a stray when he was 10 weeks.

He stays in our basement when no one is home and at night. He has plenty of toys and a climbing tree, fresh water and dry food.

He was fine with the litter box at first, then he got sick and stayed at the vet for a week. When he came home he started pooping on the basement floor instead of the box - in one spot only.
So, I put another box in that spot and that solved that. That was in November.

Now, we are finishing the basement and everything is disrupted. His things are still in the same spot, but I can see why he might be upset about this.
He is now pooping on the basement floor again in a certain spot (different from the other one). He pees in the boxes but will not poop there - he sometimes poops right next to the box!
I have tried everything I can think of to get him to go in the box - I now have 3 boxes down there all around where he likes to go.
I have tried putting tin foil on the floor and he just poops somewhere else. I have tried putting carpet remnants there and he poops all over those.
I keep VERY clean boxes - scooping at least twice a day and sometimes more.

This is worrying me because I'm afraid the longer this goes on the less likely he is to go back to the box. I DO NOT want him pooping on the new rug in the finished basement!

Why is he doing this and how can I get him to stop?!

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions
This site is awesome!!
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Please click here to read a thread on how to stop pooping outside the box.

You will find that taking the cat back to the vet will be an important thing to do. Stress often causes potty problems in cats, and remodeling his home has got to be a huge stressor for your boy.

Please do try the advice in the thread referred to above!
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