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Switching food; need advice please

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I've been feeding Cupid raw food with a bunch of other ingredients - the recipe created by (holistic) vets - and he loved it. I loved giving it to him. Well then I got sick. I got food poisoning and I am 99% sure it's because when he's done eating, he'll come back to me, give me kisses or rub against my face while he still has the food on his chin (i've wiped nasty raw meat off my face several times ). So then I wipe his little face and wash my hands, but I'm sure there's been times I was doing something and forgot to wash my hands. Anyway, having food poisoning is an experience I'd rather not ever endure again and I've decided to change his food. There's just nothing I can do that will be completely safe. I expect to have him for a very long time and I think it's better to change now than to wait till he's older, when I have kids I need to worry about getting sick too. I feel bad because he loves it and I know it's good for him, but I just can't risk getting sick like that again OR someone else getting sick when he's older and THEN have to change his food.

I want to get a food that is very close to what I've been giving him or better.

Here is the recipe (there are specific measurements but I won't put all that here):
ground meat (turkey, veal, rabbit, chicken)
dried egg yolk
purified bone meal
psyllium husk powder
vitamin e
complex b vitamin
organic adrenal glands
blended chicken liver (which is really gross to make)
organic kidney support
enzymes and probiotic blend
pacific salmon oil

I've done a search on here for cat food discussions (boy, are there a lot! ) but I thought I'd ask if these ingredients sound close to what you give your cat, or you know if there's something like this.

Advice on how to keep feeding him the raw meat and staying safe from food poisoning is welcome too, but I'm pretty sure I'm switching.

Thanks a lot!
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Oh, and when I was searching, Wellness canned food came up a LOT and so any opinions on that are welcome too.

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Why not keep him on the same food except from the meat. Cook the meat instead of giving it raw. I make my own cat food that contains pretty much the same thing as the food your feeding your cat with but I cook the meat. The cats love it!
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Sierra enjoys amore raw preprepared raw food.

Try www.amorepetfoods.com
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Similar ingredience are in Wellness, Solid Gold, Innova, Chicken Soup , Natural Balance and California Natural.
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