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My attack cat was attacked! Rambling sry! - Page 2

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THAT'S WONDERFUL!!!!!! :flash:

I would've gotten NERVOUS also if I had gotten that kind of response from my vet!!

Continuing to send Bast "GET WELL" vibes!! Hang in there.. Maybe when u go, maybe u can bring something old of urs- old sweats or something that has your smell so she can still smell u - that helps cats to have familiar smells.. You might have already done this but I thought I'd suggest it anyway.
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I'm so happy Bast is doing better, poor thing, what a time she's had! Good job on getting her to the vet so quickly once you noticed the infection was not looking right.

Thanks for posting her progress.
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Well I could have taken her to the emerg. vetsa on Sunday....
but I did not hink it was so bad, so i waited untill Monday..

I know that I should have taken her Sunday.....

but I am just happy that she is doing better.
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It's easy for us to look back on events and think what we SHOULD've done instead due to having foresight. Don't beat urself too much regarding this. The important thing now is that you've learned from this experience.

If you keep her indoor, then you won't have to worry about her getting attacked again, etc..

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You did the right thing, and she's recovering nicely because of it.
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I am so glad to hear Bast is doing better. Give her big kitty kisses from us all and I hope she gets to come home soon. Poor baby has been through alot
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I don't think she will be home any time soon.

I went earlier and spent 2 hrs with her. As soon as she saw mr she started porring, and didn't stop the whole time!

She look nad acts like the Bast of old, and that is a great relief!
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White Dragon-
Did you get to bring your baby home yet? How is she doing?
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She is doing much better, but the hole in her tail will take a loooooong tim eto heal. But I will give it a healing boost when I bring her home tom.! YAYYY!
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Poor Bast!!! I'm glad to hear she's doing better and will be home tomorrow. I think of her and send her some tail healing vibes! My two boys send her headbonks!
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HIP HOORAY!!! Is she home yet??? How is she acting at home?? I bet u are soooo tempted to just kiss and cuddle her to make up for all the time she was separated from u and for her suffering but u can't due to all her wounds!!
I will continue with sending her "get well" vibes! Grin.

PLS let us know how it is going with her...

BE SURE to KEEP HER INSIDE.. Try some of the things mentioned by some of the members regarding this. It really worked with my cats. Now I can open the door and not worry about them darting out. They will hover nearby but not go out because they know they're not supposed to.
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i brought her home yesterday morn!
And she is acting like nothing even happend!
She is acting like her old self again. But jeeze she got fat from the vet food lol.
She still has the gaping wound in her tail, but it is healing fast.

And, when I went to pick her up, I really thought it was goping to be about 600.0 for the whole thing, a week there and all the stuff they did to her and the meds ect.

And I thought it was going to be alot b/c when I took her and he didn'y know it weas that bad, he told me it was going to be 218.0....

But when I went and got her, the bill for everything was only 242.69!

And they took the greatest care of her. they were all so wonderful!
And the vet he told me yesterday when i was in the office with him "I just have to let you know, you have a very good cat there..." And I said "i know. She is the best" lol

I have decided that I am going to change my major when I do get back to school. I would like to be a vet, these people at my vet have inspired me with the way that they handle the aniamls.. Yes they are THAT good over there lol.

Ohhhhh i am so glad she is home!
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That is FANASTIC!!!!! I'm glad to hear that she's acting like herself! I'd LOVE to see some pics of her posted here! (HINT HINT)

Also GLAD to hear that the costs were a lot lower than u expected! Sounds like u have a GREAT VET!!

Glad to hear that ur experience with the vet has inspired u to change ur major and work with animals!

Continuing to send Bast "get well" vibes!
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