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My perfect Ezlo

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A week ago we lost our wonderful cat Ezlo.  He was beautiful, intelligent and loving ---- the perfect cat for us.   I'd grown up with cats and my son and I wanted a cat for years.  But my husband hadn't grown up with pets and was against it.  Finally he relented and we brought Ezlo home at 10 months old. Guess who was won over and became the biggest cat lover. :)  


As a child, my cats had been indoor/outdoor cats so I had told the rescue agency that's what I preferred.  They recommended Ezzy, who absolutely loved people but also had a strong independent streak and loved being outside.  We had 2 wonderful years with him, but sadly he was hit and killed by a car.   Fortunately after he didn't return like usual I saw a posting on the NextDoor app about a killed kitty.  He was a few blocks away and I might never had found him otherwise.  My husband brought him home, buried him in the backyard and bought a rose bush to place by his spot.  He plans to make a marker.  We are devastated and I feel so guilty. 


Ezlo is irreplaceable but his passing left a huge void in our lives.   Some people may say it's too soon but we have so much love to give a kitty.  Last weekend we visited the adoption event for the same rescue agency we got Ezzy and came home with two 6 month old siblings.  They will definitely be indoor cats only.   I already love them to pieces and feel like I'm honoring Ezzy's life and memory by giving a good home to these two.

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So sorry about Ezlo. Cherish the memories of the 2 years you shared with him. Congratulations on the adoption of the 2 siblings. Hope you have many years of joy watching them grow up. Keeping them indoors is a wise decision.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I have a cat that insists STRONGLY on going outside too, we tried several times for several months on end to get him to stay inside and in the end decided he was just too miserable to be an inside cat. I'm sure Ezlo was the same way, they would rather live life to the fullest and take the chance of dying young than to be locked up inside. I lost my soul mate to a car, so I do know the heartache of losing one this way. Somehow we think it will never happen to our loved ones, but tragedy strikes, and you are not to blame at all, you only wanted to make him happy.

He looks like a spirited, happy cat, I'm sure he made your life a little happier by being in it, he was in your life for a reason, to bring you love. The bond you formed will always be with you, and his legacy of love that he left you will be passed along to the new loves in your life and bring him peace. The emptiness in our homes is tremendous, to fill it will bring you distraction from your grief, and will fill your home with love and happiness once more, it is a good thing.

 Ezlo would never want to bring you pain, he loved you too much for that. He would only want your life to be filled with love and happiness like you would want for him if you were the first to go. He will always be with you in spirit, you will never forget him, he is a permanent part of your past. Give those two new little loves a kiss for me, they are a part of your future now and part of your new life's order. Take care.......RIP sweet Ezlo,  you will always have a place in a loving heart, sleep tight sweet Prince!

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I am so very sorry about Ezzy, He was so beautiful! I bet he is smiling down with approval at the new babies you adopted,




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Thank you so much. Your kind words mean a lot to me.
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Are the new babies sweet? It's been awhile since I've held one.


Don't feel guilty. Most of my babies were strays and loved being inside and outside. My Vincie is deaf and I still let her go out because she

would be miserable not being allowed out. If I do get a new baby they will be indoor only.


Enjoy those babies!



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I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Ezzy. Your husband didn't stand a chance with that beautiful little guy winning his heart. No kitty will ever replace him.  Saving those kitties is a  beautiful living tribute to your Ezlo. RIP sweet boy, know you will always be loved and will never be forgotten :rbheart: 

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Ezlo was a beautiful boy. So very good of you to give a home to two little ones in his honor. heart.gif
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