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Hello everyone!

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My name's Zach. I'm a first time cat owner as of 2 months ago.

(I can never get a good picture of her when she's awake.) Her name is Juuzou. Me and my family found her crying at a gas station in the cold and we decided to take her home! She came directly to us and practically jumped into our touch when we pet her. She's been my little companion ever since. She's a grumpy bugger but she has her sweet moments.
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Hi Zach and Juuzou 😊

Welcome to happy you found and joined us. Thank you for rescuing sweet Zuuzou and giving her the forever home she deserves ❤️

TCS is a great resource for all things favorite section if you've not already discovered it is the "articles" section which contains articles on just about any cat subject you could think of. Of course the very best resource is our members who are all very kind and knowledgeable so please feel welcome to participate in any threads or start one of your own if you ever have any questions or concerns.

I hope to see more of you and your Juuzou in the future!
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Hello Zac and Juuzuo, welcome to TCS wavey.gif

Yes, thank you for rescuing Juuzuo and giving her a warm and loving home clap.gif

HelloMissKitty has already kind of brought you around the site, now all you have to do is start surfing and ask questions if you have any and do post more photos of Juuzuo and make more cat friends here wink.gif
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Welcome Zach,


Your kitty is adorable. He is lucky to have found you.



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Aww, sweet!  What a lucky little kitty that you took her in.  :heart4: 

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Welcome Zach,


Juuzuo Welcome!


​We are so happy that u saved her from crying in the cold.. poor baby... Thank you.. She will "warm up" in time and not be grumpy with you.. The sweet will win out after she has forgotten her past .. so happy she has found u and your family  hugs.gif

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