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Meowing before and after using the litter box

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This issue has puzzled us for years, and maybe someone can help us out. :-)


When our first cat was an only child, she used the litter box without any drama or fuss.  But when we got our second cat, Cat #1 stopped covering her feces and urine.  We had four litter boxes at the time with clumping litter, so we had more than the recommended 'one box for each cat plus one' thing addressed.  We were told that was probably her way of telling Cat #2, "Look, I was here first, I'm top cat, and you better learn your place in the pecking order, etc."


Well, Cat #2 didn't exactly appreciate that, and she'd go bury Cat #1's feces and/or urine and meow at the top of her lungs the whole time she was covering it up and slinging litter all over the place.  Then not too long after that, Cat #2 started meowing before and after every time she used the litter box, but never during.  Sort of like, "Hey, watch this!  This is the way it's supposed to be done, you moron."


Okily-dokily.  Fast forward about thirty years, and every cat we've had since then meows up a storm before and after using the litter box.  The funny thing is that they don't do that when they first get here.  It's like a learned behavior they pick up within the first couple of weeks or so, where Cat #2 tutors Cat #3 to do that, then Cat #3 tutors #4, and so on -- like some kind of bizarre legacy that's passed on from one generation to the next.


On the bright side, I always know when the litter box needs to be cleaned. ;-)


At this point, we're pretty used to all the noise, and physical issues have been ruled out.


We're just curious.  Has anyone else ever had this problem, or have a better idea of what might be going on?  Or do we just have weird cats? ;-)

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Your cats seem to view potty time as a ritual of some sort :lol3: As if they should bang a gong when an army of soldiers are coming out for battle . It seems like your cats have a sense of humor and a way of marking territory . 

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Could be. :-)


It *is* kinda funny.  But some days it can really get on your last nerve. ;-)

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I've read the not burying wee is cat for "I'm not happy with you human". Not burying poo is "I'm the boss now human, dispose of my waste". Cleaning the box infront of them is accepting their dominance. So maybe adding cats upset your OG.
My girl has a "I'm going to do something nasty soon" meow, followed by jumping on the bed to do a lap of me, then goes to the litter box. So maybe there's an instinctual thing there.
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Huh.  I hadn't heard it put that way before.  Ya learn something new every day. :-)


It's just weird because our first two cats are long since gone, but the legacy continues. ;-)

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