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Gabriel looooves belly rubs. If he plops down next to you and lies on his back, he definitely wants a belly rub. If he lies in another position and you start to run his belly, he'll usually roll over to get more belly rub from the petting. He also likes a very vigorous belly rub.

Pythagoras likes an upper belly/chest/rib rub but is usually less into it in the lower abdomen where the saggy pouch is. He has a much more pronounced pouch after being fixed than the other cats; no idea if this is related or just a coincidence.

Artemis seems to be a mixed bag. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't.
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I called Boris the belly rub king.  He was always good for a session.  I was rubbing his belly 3 hours after he got here.


For years Diamond was not trusting about belly rubs.  Now he is good for a belly rub session if I approach him right.


The ex-feral Seal is just now letting me rub his belly, but only for a short time.  He will give me a love bite to let me know when to stop.  


It took a couple of months before I could rub Leo's belly.  Now I start petting him and he rolls over on his back and lets me rub that sweet belly as long as I want!


I don't know why I enjoy rubbing kitty bellies so much.  Belly fur is softer on the longhair kitties I think.  But short hair kitty bellies are great to rub too!   Kitties look really cute when they are showing belly.  And when a kitty lets you rub belly, it shows a trust that is endearing.

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Not as much as a back rub - he DEMANDS a back rub three times a day!

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My Gary loved belly rubs. He would let me cradle him like a baby and rock him while rubbing his belly..He would go to sleep every time!
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Montressor constantly demands belly rubs.  When he's in the mood for one, he will lie on his back and move around and not stop until you disappear or start rubbing his belly.  And he never turns down one if you rub his belly when he's not asking for it.


Shadow is definitely a no-touch cat.  Which means she absolutely hates when I'm feeling for lumps.


Midway, I taught to like belly rubs.  He would lie on the floor on his side and stretch out under your feet.  I would lightly rub his belly and I swear he had a look on his face of "Um, I'm not sure I like this" and partially ball up.  I did it so much though that now when he's stretched out he happily lets me rub his belly.

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Charlie hates belly rubs, but he loves showing off his furry tummy!

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No, neither of my cats like belly rubs. Mingo instantly balls up and starts biting and scratching. Lily rolls over on her back when she doesn't want to be petted anymore, but if you rub her belly, she balls up, too.

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The only cat I know likes belly rubs is Sammy. He wouldn't do anything too vicious when you do it, and seems to like the attention from it.

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None of my cats growing up enjoyed Belly rubs and would often shred your hand/arm for it. Shadow, on the other hand, loves them. If I'm on the couch reading or on my laptop he will come over and lay down next to me. When I go to scratch his ears he will move my hand to his belly demanding I rub him there. 

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My cat loves belly rub if she is in good mood.

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You could pet Audrey's belly till she starved to death she absolutely thinks it is the best thing in the world. She jumps up beside a person and immediately flips over begging for a belly rub and loves people with long nails lol
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