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Does your cat love a belly rub?

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I'm just curious about how common it is for cats to like a belly rub. With my first two cats, if one tried to rub their belly you would be asking to lose an arm, so I just didn't know cats liked belly rubs. But Purdy is forever demanding a belly rub. Every time he comes to get me from the computer room, I start to follow him to the studio thinking he wants out (that's where the downstairs glass slider is) or wants food. But invariably on the way there he rolls over on his back in the hall and demands a belly rub. He's also a lap kitty extraordinaire, and usually lays on his back so I can rub his belly then, too. Is that normal?

I don't know anything about the early socialization of any of my kitties. I got them all as strays. Purdy had been roaming the area around our house for at least six months before I took him in.
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Surprisingly, yes! I say surprising because when I first tried to rub Snowball's belly, she quickly put her teeth on my hand (not biting, just gently touching my hand). For the longest time I didn't try again, until about a week ago. She was in my lap, kneading up a storm, and then flopped down on her side. Being a sucker for punishment, I tried a belly rub, and her arms shot up in the air and did the "air knead." I kept it up, and then she then body rolled/flipped onto her back, eyes shut tight, opening and closing her paws. It was adorable! So now she seems to love belly rubs.
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Most of my cats absolutely hate belly rubs! But when we got Onyx things changed, he wont let us leave the room without rubbing his belly, and when he is done with his belly, he grabs your hand with both paws and puts your hand on his head so you will rub his head. Now he has started jumping onto your leg while standing up so you will rub him!
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Munchie used to hate it, I was asking for death if I tried. Luca is much the same - she bites me hard if i do it.

Tarka is totally different. She loves me to rub her belly. She sticks her back legs straight up into the air. Problem is the last time I did i, I hit her wee spot and I got a little fountain all over everything. So I am a little more circumspect with that now - I try and do it in the garden....

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Emmett hates the belly rubs. But he loves the head scratches. So I give him scratches all the time. I grab his belly when I bug him. Gets me some claws and teeth into my hand, but its worth it
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Buffy and Willow fall under the "I'll take your arm away" catagory. Grizzly, a cat we lost 3 years ago, liked belly rubs though. When I say "like", I mean "like." He flipped over on his back and let your rub his tummy, but he didn't let do it for too long. If he felt his belly was rubbed long enough, he'd get up and walk away, or he'd jump up onto your lap for a nap.
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Most cats I grew up with didn't like it. However, when I'm petting Summer sometimes she'll flop down and roll on her back like a dog in order to get her belly rubbed. Yes, she too does the air knead things. She also sometimes falls asleep that way...silly kitty!

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Both my kitties absolutely LOVE belly rubs. I was surprised too because my friend's cat was one that would take off your arm.

I wonder about socialization too, but I don't know my cats histories either. But anyway, Simon will sit there for hours letting me rub his belly. Max (who is the more outgoing of the two) is less choosy about who he allows. If he feels comfortable with someone he'll just flop right over! If you rub his belly, you become his best friend!
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Rosie does when it suits her, but when it does it's not for long, then the fangs come out to tell me to stop!. She's only just started to let me give her belly kisses.
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Snowball enjoys belly rubs and he looks so cute laying on his back with his paws kneading the air. He doesn't want it to go on for too long though, so we have to watch carefully for signs that he's had enough.
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QT is the only one who loves belly rubs. Skinny, the most people friendly,and Joji, the least people friendly, will never submit to one.
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Cupid loves the belly rubs! Who could resist a kitty tummy?
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Suzy is unpredictable about what/how much scritching/rubbing she wants. Sometimes, she'll let me get away with a bit of belly rub, but not often. She just changes position so Her tummy is out of reach, when she doesn't want it.

Fawn takes any approach to her tummy as an invitation for a kick fest -- can't help trying from tiem to time, though.

Cindy's the one who goes for tummy rubs -- like this morning, when I was about to get up. She was lying between my legs and I sat up to give her a scritch, on the way out of the bed. It turned into a major ruffle scritch, and then she rolled onto her back, paws in the air, and lapped up several minutes of belly rub. She often wraps her whole body around the rubbing hand and her four paws around the arm. But then, she's the mushy one of the bunch, too.
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Socks likes a belly rub but he can get antsy and say"thats enough!"
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Newman runs up the stairs.... every night just before bed,,, lays at the top of the stairs to receive his belly rub..Cosmo on the other hand does not like it ,,,,,he does like to be brushed there ...just a little bit...Will nip at the brush when he has had enough....Cats are like people..they have

there own personality.likes and dislikes
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My girls love belly rubs, Rocket loves the occassional one. Twig however, if you touch his belly he will snatch up your hand and rip it apart like a lion eating a steak! He has never liked his belly touched even when he was a kitten, so we respect that. We talked to the vet about it and she said since he was a healthy kitten(we asked long ago), she would just assume like we did that he doesn't like to be touched on his belly. Quirky kitties!
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I can barely pet Sparta, let alone rub her tummy. She just doesn't like to be touched. And she's so fluffy that I always want to hug her!

Ares I'm still trying to figure out. He flops on his side and will act like he wants you to rub his tummy, but then when you do, he tries to bat your hand away with his back paws. I think he likes it very lightly and only for a little bit.
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My boys both love belly rubs. Chip will get in my face in the morning before I get out of bed. At night he will go to sleep with one. Ted will stretch out on the floor or bed when he agrees to have one. All In their personality.
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Abby and Spencer love to have belly rubs. Spencer more so than Abby.  Abby actually prefers chest rubs to belly rubs.  Spencer will lap up anything he can get!  LOL


Touch Katie's belly if you dare! Sometimes she will let you, other times not.  She won't bite or scratch, but she will wiggle hard to get away.

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The kids will let me smoosh their bellies, but they're not crazy about it. I think they deal with it more than anything.

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Tony's favorite thing in the world is a belly rub. He immediately rolls over on his back so we can rub his belly. I now call him "jelly belly". Our neighbor, and kitty sitter - Fran - is the only person outside of us that Tony trusts - so much so that when she comes over to visit he immediately runs over to her and rolls over for his belly rub. Angel and Tippy aren't that crazy about belly rubs.
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yes only when Bella & Thunder are in a good mood

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My female doesn't really care. As long as I'm petting her, she's happy. My male hates it and growls when I do it. He has such a squeezable pouch that I can't help myself sometimes.

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When he's in a really affectionate mood, Si rolls over & lets me rub his belly.  It seems more like after I've been stroking him softly on his back, he just flops on over so I can continue the same on his belly.  He generally moves on when he's through with you rubbing him.  Now you will get gentle teeth & claws if you try to sneak a brush into the scenario  smile.gif

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With penny I can put my hand on her tummy and move it slightly but only when she's on the bed. This is surprising because she has lots of cattitude - meaning the type to say absolutely not
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Yep same here I have two cats who absolutely hate belly rubs but then I have one who loves it's when I give him a belly rub lol but he doesn't really like it if other people give him a belly rub only me. I guess that means he trust me also my dad tries it but he does it to hard sometimes and that's when he get's attacked by my cat I keep telling him this but he doesn't listen lol I guess he'll learn hard way one day lol.

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nope. my cat hates it. you would think shes asking for a belly rub when she lays on her back. its like shes teasing you. "do it and die!" lol

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I haven't had a cat that has never liked a belly rub.  My previous girl Chynna loved tummy rubs.  Abby also loves them.  Spencer can't get enough of them. And Katie loves all kinds of rubs, the problem is that she's so hyper that she can't sit/lay still long enough to get into it and relax.  She's what I call an "active petter." In other words, she helps you pet her by moving/squirming to and fro while you pet or brush her.

I can't imagine having a cat that wouldn't let me rub its tummy.

I think the key is to start them off when they are kittens. Same with brushing. Not all cats like being brushed, but if you start when they are babies (if you can), they become accustomed to it.

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My female Calcio about 4 years old loves her belly rubbed all the time.
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Socks allows me to touch her belly if she is in the mood. Anyone else gets bitten and/or scratched.


Izzy likes belly rubs sometimes, and will flop over for them preferably in front of your feet. If she doesn't want one, or changes her mind, she bites.


Mittens doesn't usually ask for them, but if you touch her belly she doesn't mind.


Amber loves belly rubs, and kneads and purrs. She has never rejected one yet.

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