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diet for scooter

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I took Scooter into the vet last week because he was spraying the wall every now and then, plus I wanted to have him checked out overall. ANyways, he is going to be 3 in May, and he is a bengal .. a very LARGE stocky, overweight one I might add. Not because of me, but because he is lazy. He weighed in a little over 16 pounds. The vet suggested he is overweight, and put him on a diet. Right now the bengals eat Iams dry food. I asked her how to do it especially since they free feed. She suggested a few things:[list=1][*]scheduled feeding 1 time at night, 1 time in the morning, making sure everyone gets a bite (trouble is Tigger eats when no one else is around)[*]2. feed scooter by himself using a lower calorie dry food[*]3. or switching all of them to the lower calorie diet. she said if they are all healhty, then it should be ok. IMO, Tigger is skinny, and underweight but last time I took her in, they said that is normal for female bengals (she weighed 9 or 10 lbs i think)[/list=1] For those of you who have a cat who is overweight how do you do it?
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Pinky is the problem child in my house. He was 18 pounds and we got him down to 16. We also free feed and my vet scratches his head trying to think of ideas for me also.

Since mine get their nightly "treat", Pinky simply gets a much smaller portion. We also spend extra time running him around - up and down the stairs, and up and down the cat condos. He lost more thru exercise than anything else. The new kittens helped - he really loves them and has been playing with them a lot.
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Sierra weighs 10 lbs, but she should weigh closer to 7 1/2 lbs. She is now on a "healthy wight loss plan". She absolutely loves to eat, so this is difficult for both of us. I nolonger free feed since she will eat everything in sight. She gets Innova Lite canned in the morning and evening. While I am at work, she gets a few pieces of Innova Lite dry in her snack ball which gives a little exercise rolling the ball around to get the food to fall out the little hole. We've cut out all treats except a very small snack before bed. We are also exercising (playing) at least twice a day for 10-15 minutes each. When she begs for food with her sweet little "I'm starving, I haven't eaten in weeks!" voice, I make sure to lavish her with extra love. Hopefully this will prove to be effective!
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All my cats eat light food even though they all aren't overweight. I try to play with them frequently. I do free feed but again, it's light food. No treats. In the evening all 4 share 1 can of wet food, also diet if I can get it.
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i have not put mmine on a diet although it is overweight, but that diet sounds good for all cats.
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