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my new job..

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I'm so nervous, I start tomorrow and it's office work in a teeny tiny insurance agency.. The pay is great, the location is almost perfect, and the people seem really nice.. What do I wear lol! It seems business casual but still as I look in my closet I'm like "duh". Wish me luck on my first day I'm glad I'm getting it over with on a friday rather than monday because it's way less time to be nervous.
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Good luck to you! I'm looking for a job myself right now. I always get soooo nervous too when I'm to start something new. I guess everyone does. Lisa & Sash

http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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You will be fine I am sure. A small office and friendly people- sounds great to me!
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Wear a nice pair of pants and a button down blouse -- that should be good enough, and then when you get there, ask them what the dress code is. What're you going to be doing?
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Wishing you good luck!!! You'll do just fine!
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Good luck.
Neat idea to start on a Friday, that way you only have one day nerves not one week nerves (unless you have to work Saturday )
It does sound great though, what with nice place and nice people. What will you be doing?
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Good luck in the new job. At least with it being small there won't be any bitching!.
I work on reception so i always wear a straight black skirt and blouse, but the other girls in their office upstairs wear either skirts or black trousers.
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Sounds like a nice place to work. Hope everything goes great the 1st day.
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Oh Anna, I'm really glad you got a job. Good luck girl!!
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