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Feral Cat Coalition says HELLO.

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My name is Jamie Campbell. I am a board member with the Feral Cat Coalition (FCC) in San Diego, CA. I've received several emails from members of this site, through our website, www.feralcat.com concerning our latest 'Fixathon'. Thank you for the letters. 308 cats fixed in one day (4.5 hours) was a real accomplishment. I would like to help other cities take up a true TNR program and will help any who ask. Our cost for the event was only $10.00 (TEN DOLLARS) per cat. It can be done. We have a clinic every month with about 150 cats.
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I was sooo impressed with your recent clinic. I just wish we could hold something similiar here in Virginia. Hope to see you posting more often..this is a great site and we could really benefit from your knowledge and experience.

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Hi Katie,

I helped a lady in PA just a couple of months age. Her city has set up a ten year program, using TNR, to document the control of the feral cat population there. I'll see if I can get her to join this site and help others do the same.

The one part the reporter didn't put in her report was my line on how to prevent a feral cat problem in the city. That line is, "Neuter and Spay, don't let them stray". If the public could adopt this way of thinking, we (FCC) would be out of a job.

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That would be great Jamie...I am all for more people who have experience with TNR posting here. I think you will find there are already some very experienced TNR individuals who post here and I really look forward to continuing to learn more from all the different perspectives.

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Good to have you here on board .
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Welcome Jamie! I look forward to hearing about your TNR programs. We have a tough time digging up the funding and organized resources to be successful here. We are still very much hit or miss.

The motto at the Humane Society that I volunteer for is "We hope to be out of business some day". And ain't that the truth! LOL
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Welcome to the site Jamie. Great to hear you do good work as well as the others on this site!
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Welcome to the site Jamie! Always glad to see another feral cat advocate on board.
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Welcome to the forums!

I volunteer for our local Feral Cat Coalition here in Eugene, Oregon.
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Welcome to TCS! What great work you do.
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I live in Ohio and for the past 17 years I have been helping stray cats.
I have heard of TNR and have tried to trap cats in my area with no success.
I have been able to befriend many of them and get them spayed and neutered. But there is much more work to be done and I am having trouble getting it done pretty much by myself with all kinds of obstacles to overcome.
No matter how many cats I get spayed or neutered it seems they just keep coming.
Anyone with any words of encouragement or ideas for me? Please? I feel like sometimes I am drowning.
Many of my sweet babies are diseased and suffer from inbreeding disabilities. My vet bills are staggering. And buying food is getting more and more difficult as the prices of everything just goes up and up and up.(except for my income...it stays the same, of course)
I would like to apply and perhaps receive some government grants to help me with my work with the kitties. But I have no idea where or how to even get started. Can anyone help me?
Thanks for listening.
Love and Life,
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Glad you found us! Sounds like you do wonderful work. And seem to be a bit of a celebrity around here!
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Welcome, Jamie, and thank you for both what you and the FCC accomplished so far, and for reaching out your hand to help others who would like to emulate your success!!
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