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Why do children seem so disturbed these days ?

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I am childless and probably always will be, however I do work with children. Although I rarely see any serious cases, it seems like stories like this keep popping up everywhere...... it's almost like there is something wrong chemically, or something in the water!
Three boys arrested in plot to shoot, stab classmate
FORSYTH, Mont. (AP) — Two second-grade boys and an 11-year-old schoolmate were arrested after they buried a loaded handgun in a playground sandbox and plotted to shoot and stab a third-grade girl during recess, authorities said Thursday.
Sheriff Tim Fulton said the boys intended to harm the young girl because she had teased two of them.

The plot included a .22-caliber revolver and a box of bullets that were hidden on the playground of the small school in rural eastern Montana, authorities said. One of the boys was carrying a knife.

The boys apparently brought the weapons from home to school on Wednesday morning, prosecutor Michael Hayworth said. The intent was to assault the girl over the recess hour that day, he said.

"You think about what could have happened. It could have been ugly," said Brenda Stabelfeldt, who has a daughter in the fifth grade and went to the school over the lunch hour Thursday to give the girl a hug.

Fulton said classmate of the two younger boys, both 8, was the one who alerted the school of the plot.

"I need to commend that young man for such a brave act," the sheriff said. "He saved the lives of who knows how many people."

The boys were identified in court records as Klint Cook and Levi Strait, both second-graders, and Blake Belgarde, a fifth-grader. They were charged Thursday in juvenile court with conspiracy to commit assault with a weapon.

In Montana, the names of juvenile suspects are public if the crimes they are accused of committing are felonies in adult court.

Forsyth is about 100 miles east of Billings. The school has about 200 students in kindergarten through the sixth grade.

"Needless to say, it is a frightening experience for a community and our schools," Superintendent Dave Shreeve said. "We believe it's an isolated incident but it does bring into reality that this can happen in any place at any time."

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I have a granddaugther in second grade! And one in ker. and a grandson in 3rd.they would never think of something like this! This is terriable(sp)
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This is just so horrible! I am only 17, but in the past few years, children are growing up way to fast and using violence for an answer to anything. Just this past month some kids at a high school planned a "columbine" type killing, they planned on blowing up and shooting all african americans at the school. They were stopped the day before thankfully, but it is just so horrible. On the news a couple minutes ago they said a freshman from a local high school was arrested for violently raping another freshmen in the bathroom!

What is wrong with this world?!?!?!?!?
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My mom taught 3rd grade in an "Inner City" school in the 1970's. Her kids were from broken homes, and if any parent was around, they were either on drugs or into prostitution. Violence was the norm in their upbringing. She came home with stories of taking away guns and knives from these children - and this 30 years ago! Kids that had both parents were latchkey kids.

So now it is happening in more affluent neighborhoods. You wonder if there is any correlation between working parents not being around for their kids and what is happening? Or perhaps the open violence in the media? Interesting how it was never advertised when it was contained in poor neighborhoods and now it is plastered all over the media when it hits the richer neighborhoods. A "poor people" problem has hit the rich.
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You know you are completely right, if something happens in a poor neighborhood, no one cares, once it hits somewhere wealthy, everyone knows about it! Just like the Lacey Peterson case, so many other pregnant women went missing, one was of hispanic origin, and no one did anything! I live in one of those poor neighborhoods, and I went to a contination school for senior year to graduate earlier. Most of the kids were in gangs, I can't count how many different gangs there were there. I feel very bad for all the kids that are born into gangs, there is no way to get out but 6 feet under. I also think you are right about parents not being around enough, with prices raising on everything most parents have to work full time, leaving kids to fend for themselves, they meet new friends, no one pays attention to what is changing in them until it is to late. It is just to sad, I am scared to have a child when I get older because I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to them, or if they did something and I never caught on. Ok I am rambling again...I really need to work on that!
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Kids are also very desensitized to violence, given all they see in the movies, on tv, and through video games.
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This makes me sick to my stomach. My oldest will be 7 in two weeks and he would never do anything like that.
I hate to say this, but I blame the kid's parents. I am forever harping on my kids to treat others nicely even if they don't like them, don't tease other kids, and to just be nice in general and do what is right. It's hard sometimes to keep them focused on that since alot people don't do the same with their kids, but to encourage children to do what is right and show them by your own actions only takes a tiny bit of effort. And also, how hard is it to search your kids before they go to school? I do with mine. I check pockets and backpacks every single day for toys and other things they may be sneaking out of the house.

I was watching Maury the other morning and there were the typical mothers with their 7,8,9,10 and 11 year olds that were out of control and it irritated me because the videos showed the parents doing absolutely nothing but a few "oh now that isnt nice, you need to stop that". One little boy (8 years old, I believe) was calling his mom a whore, slut, b****, etc all the while with a smirk on his face and she just said "now that isnt nice". I don't know about anyone else, but my kids would have had some warm behinds.
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This is such a disturbing trend, because these kids will grow up and what will happen then? What will happen to society as a whole if we have a whole generation who feels violence is the answer to their problems?

I think there is a whole lot of causes.

1. No consequences to bad actions. Parents want to be their kids' friend, schools have their hands tied by fear of litigation. Kids think they can get away with anything because they have before with little more than a slight scolding, if that (exactly what Abby pointed out).

2. Kids aren't taught how to deal with conflict. Parents don't have time (apparently), teachers are forced to just fly through the curriculum to get the kids to do well on standardized tests. The education that is lacking is common sense and coping mechanisms. When no one else is there to teach, the TV, movies and video games become the teachers. That's not to say that entertainment is to blame, but something will fill that void.

3. "Feel Good" mentality to raising kids. This kind of goes along with both of the above points, but I think it has become it's own entity. There is a movement that self esteem is most important, above all else. While this is good to a point, the trend has become "Don't make a child feel bad about anything." I was raised to feel good about my accomplishments, not just because. Now, there can be no winners and losers in sports for kiddies, because we wouldn't want the losers to feel bad about how they played. Maybe they should feel bad! Maybe that would push them to try harder, to work for something worth feeling good about! This also ties into the discipline - you can't scold the child because that will damage their ego. Well, if every child has this huge ego, is used to getting whatever they want, and has no way of coping when there is disappointment in life - how do we expect them to handle it?

I commend the good parents out there. It is the hardest "job" in the world to raise well rounded and functioning human beings. Too often we are seeing the results of parents who are failing in this job.
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Im 13 (in garde 7) and I'm not into violence, sex, or drugs. And I do agree, kids are getting more uncontrollable every year. I watch tv, just like every other kid, but atleast I have the sense to understand that these things are totally wrong. I agree with you guys. =]
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There was story, on my local news yesterday. All of this "touchy-feely-don't-let-the-kid-feel-bad" stuff is NOT good for them. Kids NEED to learn how to handle disappointment. Face it - life isn't always fair and NOBODY wins, all of the time.

Some schools are handing out trophies, for every little thing and kids are expecting this to continue, throughout their lives. Kids who aren't doing well should be helped and encouraged to try harder. Instead, the gifted kids are being held back. This does a disservice to both groups.

My older son has a learning disability. I fought the school, to get him into special ed and spent many, many hours working with him. Mark, on the other hand, got things right away. We NEVER told Richard that he was dumb or held Mark up, as an example. They were two totally different kids and had to be dealt with in different ways. We knew full well, that Richard was not going to be a Rhodes scholar but, we insisted that he learn to read, write and understand basic math, so that he could find some kind of job, to support himself.

Mark could have been anything, that he wanted to but, he didn't always apply himself. Now, he's training to be an electrician, has a good job and can support his family. All that I ever asked of my sons, was to be good, decent, hardworking MEN.

Kids are allowed to get away with too much, these days. If there are no consequences, for bad behavior, that behavior escalates. My brothers and I knew exactly what would happen, if we broke the rules, at home or at school.

If I had school-age kids, today I'd work two or three jobs, to put them in military schools.
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My oldest is getting ready for baseball again this year and he actually wanted to be on the competitive league that is available. He has been playing since he was 3 so this will be his 4th year playing and they never kept score because they were learning and everyone got a trophy at the end of the year. I think this was kind of nice when they are young because they didnt get frustrated and quit and were taught to have fun. Now this year my son is talking about the possibility of losing a game or two and he said to me on the way home that he was really excited about playing because it would show him how much more he needed to work at baseball so he could be the next record setter for homeruns. It made me feel good hearing him say in his own words that to be the best he has to work at it and that its not given to him freely. (every once in awhile I feel like I am doing the right things with them )

I totally agree with kids nowadays not knowing how to work at getting what they want. Instead they bully and become violent because they feel that it is requirement that they have everything given to them. As far as kids getting away with only mere scoldings and such, I often wonder if child abuse laws are a bit over the edge.
For example: my 5 year old was throwing a fit over not being able to play video games at walmart the other night (we had agreed on two games each and their two games were up), he thrashed around, hit one of the machines, screamed at me and proceeded to throw everything he could get his hands on out of the cart. I grabbed his arms and told him to knock it off, which of course he didnt because he was in one of his modes and was not comprehending anything I was saying. I swatted his butt, stuck him in the front of the cart and we left the store. Since then, I have been wondering whether I would get a visit from Child Protective Services.
Now, I do not abuse my children in any way, shape or form, but because I chose to correct an unacceptable behavior in public, I am certainly vulnerable to such investigations. I think that could very well be another reason some people are so likely to let a child go on with their behavior.

I feel it should be a requirement for everyone to serve at least 2 years in the military upon graduation from high school, or if they drop out, its a requirement that they immediately enlist. This may be a bit communist on my part, but I come from a military family, extended family, etc. Everyone has been enlisted at some time in their lives and it teaches self discipline, skills that are really helpful for the rest of the persons life, and its job experience. Sorry this is so long, but my mind is going a mile a minute here LOL
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OMG how scary!! my son just turned 10 and i cant imagine him doing something like this!! so sad
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One little boy (8 years old, I believe) was calling his mom a whore, slut, b****, etc all the while with a smirk on his face and she just said "now that isnt nice".
OMG!!! I don't swear in front of my Mum at all (I'm 25) never mind AT her!!!! I cannot remember ever being 'smacked' by my parents (although I'm sure I must've been) but if I'd said that to either of my parents I would STILL be grounded!
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