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Has your cat ever behaved or done something that freaked / creeped you out?

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Ever since i moved to a new apartment with my cat he's been staring at a corner wall constantly. At first i didnt' care cause i know sometimes cats trip on imaginary prey or sometimes play like that.. but it started to get creepy after one night ...


I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and after decided to check my house and my cat.guess what:
The cat was just staring at the corner. his back facing towards me.. Picture this like the end of the blair witch project (the original one) when Mike is facing the corner eerily. before heather drops to the floor..well, kinda like that (just for reference)



I mentioned this to the Building  Janitor to see if maybe i had an infestation of roaches or there were rats or mice inside the walls (i know right?) but turns out he mentions that there was an elderly couple living in the apartment before i did, and the old lady passed away while cooking breakfast... so yeah, that's a little detail the landlady skipped while showing me the apartment.. anyways, i could've just research a bit more and get in touch with a medium but i just let it go in the end. Just watching my cat stare at that corner wall, just staring...  


ps: Sorry if my english grammar is not that good I am from Mexico! :D  wiii Hola muchachos!

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I  live in an apartment too.   Not sure if anyone has died in the apartment I live in, but there is definitely weird stuff that goes on there.  Our old kitty Alex was always getting tormented by spirits.  She would cry out as if in pain... she would have long drawn out conversations with a spot on the wall at really odd hours... She had a limp that would come and go and just based on her behaviors we always felt like it was the result of a spirit attack but she was old and it could be wrote off to arthritis I suppose.  That does not explain my daughter and myself both being scratched in the middle of the night, or waking up with bruises in the shape of a paw print (think midway between house cat and mountain lion sized).  The scratches are always 3 stripes with the middle being slightly longer than the other two and usually about 6-7 inches in length and ranging from 2 to 3.5 inches in width.  At one point we had a guy that claimed to  be able to see/communicate and he was going to come and banish them... Anyway, he would only stay in my apartment like 10 minutes and he said there was some bad mamma jammas in there and we needed to move and if we did not move someone would find us all dead within 6 months.  While the areas of the apartment he was pointing out were the areas we had the most activity, and some of the stuff he said was on point, we did not move and we are not dead and that has been 3 or 4 years ago... Anyway.... back to the future

Alex has sense passed, and we now have 4 others who live with us.  They all try to climb the walls and they all chase unseen critters up and down the hall, and man, you know how they say if walls could talk, well ours do, to the cats... they, like Alex, have very meaningful conversations with the darkest corners.  But I think Alex is still hanging about in spirit too because sometimes the cats will be watching my door and I will look over and the little door chair thing won't be latched and it will be swinging back and forth.  I will watch it thinking one of the cats must be playing with to make it move... and it will stop, but then it will start again with no one touching it.  There's other stuff... but I haven't lived anyplace that's not haunted my whole entire life so I am pretty much used to it. If you believe, you don't need to see, and if you don't believe, no amount of seeing will convince you of what others can explain away as coincidence, or whatever.  My life is more exciting because I believe. :)

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Not sure if this counts or not but my Hector who died last month still visits me. I have had numerous paranormal experiences in my house and even freakier I have had conversations with her while dreaming. Sometimes the dreams are so real they seem like they aren't dreams at all.

I believe Hector is still here.
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I lived in an apartment that I swear had a poltergeist.  Nothing scary, just weird stuff was happening, things moved without explanation, light covers dropping without breaking and the fixture screws being in too tight to easily put the covers back on.  (I mean, really, how does a cover drop if the screws are in tight?)


We were having some work done on the master bath, so 2am, groggy as heck, I used the other bathroom.  I thought I saw my daughter standing between me and (at the time) the sole cat in the house.  Three steps later I realized that the figure I took for my daughter was solid white.  I looked back and nothing there but the cat was plastered against the wall, wide eyed, ears back, fur standing on end.  I picked her up and took her to bed with me.


We never had a strange incident after that.  Our best guess is the poltergeist felt bad for scaring the cat and took off.

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Well i hesitate to say this (should i??) Last week Wednesday and this past Saturday.. i was awoken from my slumber from Mr. MAxx.. uh.. licking my bum!!!! I woke up and looked at my BF and woke him up like uh... help me.. i couldn't move i was afraid he would scratch me.. that was Wednesday.. covered back up.. ugh.. Saturday.. first he was licking my arm.. ok.. weird but ok...moved to my eye.. after i fell asleep.. uh.. no!  Then tunneled under.. somehow.. back to my bum.. low back.. I felt bad.. I didn't let him sleep in my room with us last night cause he weirded/creeped me out.. Im sorry if this is TMI.. but anyone else? What is this all about?? :jaw:

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4 spooky stories & 1 pussy pornography!  Great all-round thread   lolup.GIF 
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I could go on and on about scary stories.. things which have kind of happened to me.. not to the extent you guy have, but...


anyway... When we moved into this apartment, 10 years ago.. it was a mess. It took me a long time to clean it up to my standards before we moved in.. 


I asked a couple neighbors if there had been a cat in here.. found evidence of some kibble and some fur....

The Superintendent denied there ever being a cat here, but my neighbors disagreed... I do not know what, if anything happened to that cat while they lived here; before I adopted Artie, I would and still do, feel my mattress move as if a cat was gently jumping on it to cuddle, curl up and sleep.. I thought I was going crazy and that the building was just 'moving'--shifting.. 

In other words, I tried to talk myself out of it...


Now that I have a different mattress and I have Artie.. I still feel the same things.. Many times I look, expecting to see Artie at the foot of my bed, or next to me... but no.. he is nowhere to be found.. not even in the room... still feels as if the 'mattress is settling'....

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