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A cat in need....

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Hey everyone... Today while my bf and I were getting our 2 babies fixed we saw this beautiful cat named "GiGi". Ironically she looked like an older version of our little girl "Max". If anyone is in the Miami are please let me know. I wish I could have adopted her myself. But we already have 2 and that's pushing it living in such a small place. Anymore details... e-mail me at BladesBoo@msn.com or I will tell you over this thread. Thanx!
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I keep checking here to see if you have had any responses - any updates on your fur friend in need?
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No I haven't hear any more on my little furry friend. I hope someone gave her a good home. I was very sad that no one replied to this thread. Maybe even a little surprised. Ok VERY surprised. I thought this would be the one place that someone would try and help our mutaul love of our 4 legged, fury, feline, family members. Guess I was wrong. Anyways... For those who know me my babies are good. They have recovered quickly from there recent surgery and are more playful then ever. Mommy and Daddy (my bf and I) are so happy with oour babies. We are slowly trying to teach them that bothering us at night is a BIG "NONO". Anywho...It's late and time to tuck the "children" in for the night.
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I too was very surprised you got no responses here about the kitty - Glad you children are better. That nighttime thing is a problem, isn't it? Mine love to romp when I want to sleep. A full moon doesn't help, either. I closed all the blinds last night - otherwise, it would have been kitty antics all night!
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Ooooh Mamaof2 !! I sooooooo wish I lived in Miami but unfortunately - I live in England! - I don't think they'd have shipped the baby all the way to me!! ...snif.... Im sure she found a good home though....I think maybe the reason no-one responed is that most people always stay in the lounge and don't tend to venture into SOS.....shame.....
Im sure if someone in Miami had seen this in time - they'd have snaffled her up! Im glad to hear your babies are recovering after their surgery...hope they start behaving at night!! hee hee (just can't help but love it though can ya?!)

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The babies are doing better at night. We started putting food, water, litter, and a bed in the bathroom at night and closing them in there. They don't seem to mind. Now I am trying to catch up on sleep!
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Glad to hear things are improving!! If mine get restless at night I always give them a good bowfull of food - they stuff themselves silly and just fall asleep!! (just like humans do! hee hee......well I do anyway...!) I had trouble with one climbing up the ironing board at night, - he would always tip it over (causing a HUGE crash) or climb on top of the fridge and knock the iron off!!! - Untill one day, bless him, he slipped and caught his leg and was hanging there til morning! (we were actually asleep for once!) in the morning it was all swollen and he wouldn't walk on it - of course that earned him a trip to the vet and after that I don't remember seeing him on the ironing board ever again!! :laughing:
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