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Another New Cat Mama!!

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Hi, I'm Karmen.....just joined today. I have 6 inside cats - to include a crippled cat who got his back broken last fall. My inside cats are: Minnie Mouse, Smoresee, Scotty, Beanie Baby, Little Baby and Uno, the crippled one who scoots around inside wearing a diaper. He got hit by a car which broke his back so he has no use of his back legs and can't control his elimination.
Then I have over 30 cats outside - needless to say, I live in the country so they have lots of roaming room and no rules to abide by! And, yes, they all have names too...which I won't go into here as you don't have all day to read this!!
I have all blacks, calicos, black and whites, gray strippeds, tans, yellows and mostly white with black dots...very few long haired ones, mostly short haired.
AND>>>>>I got my first spring litter about two weeks ago.....Oreo who is my oldest outside cat had three babies! All doing well!
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Hi Karmen,

I too live in the country and have outside as well as inside/outside cats. All my cats are spayed and neutered and though it took awhile for that to happen, it did happen so that I wouldn't add to the problem of overpopulation of cats. I urge you to consider getting your colony fixed as well. It is the right thing to do, because for every kitten born in this world, that takes away a home for a cat or a kitten stuck somewhere in a shelter in a cage.
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Hi Karmen, and welcome! We love seeing pictures here!!
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Hey Karmen...welcome to TCS. I have to second what hissy says...getting your outside cats fixed would be a huge benefit to the cats and help to reduce the overpopulation issue. If you tell us which state you live in we can try to assist you in finding a group to assist you and/or a low cost clinic.

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Hi Karmen! That's wonderful that you have and support so many cats. I also hope too that they are all spayed and neutered. Lisa & Sash

http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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Hello Karmen, welcome to the site. I too, hope that one day, your outdoor cats can get spayed and neutered.
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Sorry to hear about Uno.
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Welcome to the site Karmen. It's so lovely to hear you look after all these furbabies!.
Send pics asap, especially little Uno bless him
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Welcome to the site! Hope you find a lot of useful information here, as well as making a few cyber-friends.
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Welcome to TCS! I hope your kittys are fixed. Have fun.
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